Give a Smartgunner to Foxtrot Too

Never saw a Foxtrot Smartgunner. Can we make something like the new Techtree changes?
A single Smartgunner for … say, 4 points? Buyable only once.
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I plus +1 this. I want to do more SG death ball

Fuck no baaaaaaby

Good idea. Command can already buy a foxtrot spec by itself so why not a SG? Also because its something you buy with points it should be a bit easier to balance it if its to powerfull. Because you can just raise the price of the Foxtrot SG.

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No, I think not.

Sure, but why?

Im pretty sure 5 marines are stronger than 1 single SG.
We can buy another sadar but not another SG?
One single pounce-able SG.


Why not?