Give anchorpoint QRF HEAP

I swear they used to have this, but now it’s just shitty AP.
Why would they have just AP? I mean, PMCs can kinda be justified by preferring solid penetrators but, the Anchorpoint Marines? No wtf why would they? They’re regular ass grunt, they’re going to be equipped like one, with HEAP. And it’s not like this will crazily change balance either as, they’re rarely called to n, and it’s going to be around the end of the game, where it’s going to either be a xeno minor, or major. There’s nothing that’s going to change about round balance.

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HEAP are actually extremely strong. Like Really Really Strong, therefore they’re not used and are Event only. This is practically the reason why you don’t see any actual full Heap magazines in normal rounds.

However, yeah I agree, Heap should be toned down and used in normal rounds maybe like a 10 magazines dotted around the map unmeltable to avoid any xeno meta’s.

But this will probably not be possible and won’t be added due to maintainer syndrome + Keyboard warrior Syndrome.

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I gave them limited HEAP originally(one Marine had collected all the HEAP mags, a total of 3 for the squad, with a possible 1 loaded) but this was blocked by the, at the time maintainers. Rightfully so however, because even as a special ERT HEAP would give them extreme damage potential.

In addition, because now the CMB Marshal can request reinforcements, it means that I have less reason to give the Anchorpoint QRF their HEAP mags since they have a higher chance at being involved in the game.

But in the future, maybe I will make a deathsquady type? :laughing:

Wouldn’t that make it a less chance? First the marshals have to be rolled, then they have to survive getting to CIC with essentially survivor equipment, then call it in

You’ve never seen HEAP in action and it shows.

They’re a hijack ert.
Maybe if they could only be that, if the marshals call for backup, would make it more balanced but yet again,
They’re an ERT. It’s at the end of the game where balance doesn’t really matter. Dropship already kamikazi’d, marines CANT win anymore, it’s over. No round balance will be changed because it’s practically over

HEAP is supremely overpowered, in my mind its the kind of damage output you’d get if you were a protagonist of the movies.

Probably because it literally is. They use it as the main ammo in aliens. Remember Gorman tells ripley they fire “10 millimeter explosive-tip caseless. Standard light armor-piercing round,”

Marines can win hijack, and they especially can if you give them HEAP, there’s a reason MARSOC and Whiteout don’t spawn as ERTs.

Yea, and it’d be a rare ert, you gotta roll marshals and they have to run past the xenos to CIC, break in, get to the console, then cal for reinforcements. If the hive lands in CIC, there’s literally no way they can be called in.
Maybe add another, even lower roll for the distress signal to be received?

No they cant. If they kill all the xenos after hijack, its a xeno minor

Lets be real, that’s a marine victory even if it’s gameplay wise it’s a xeno minor.

Well at least it ends hijack quicker