Give xenos the ability to see cloaked sisters

Title pretty much explains it. Xenos share a hivemind, they’re connected to every sister in the hive, even if they’re offworld. Doesn’t it make sense they would be spacially aware of a nearby lurker, even if it was cloaked?
This would make it easier for xenos to keep track of eachother in backlines and coordinate attacks.
Also prevent crit xenos from dying next to sisters on the front because nobody saw, dragged, healed or helped them when in reality they would sense a sister in danger regardless of whether they were cloaked or not.
Just a thought, seems to intuitively make sense, at least to me.

would be an semi issue for opposite or enemy hives but I suppose there is work arounds for it. all in all it makes sense.

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If that gets implemented then give some love for the scout so he isn’t spotted cause you guys have such amazing NVG and X-ray.

Either way I’m against it, cloaked = Isn’t easy to spot, however I’m not against it, if the xeno is in crit they’re cloak deactivates.