Great Mentality#7942 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Great Mentality#7942

What is your Discord ID?

Great Mentality#7942

What is your BYOND key?


Total Ban Duration

30 days

Reason for Ban

“You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines - Official for Rule 1a, instead of reporting the issues a valid way, you’re choosing to slander an active system admin for everyone to see and stirring up drama. 30 day ban applied”


Hello, I’m here today to try and clear somethings up and appeal this discord ban. I’d like to start this off with mentioning my past with this discord and how much drama I have caused / been apart of so I understand the immediate reaction that unfolded after the conversation in CM discussion. I fully admit that me speaking on it publicly was a very stupid idea, I didn’t think about the consequences and repercussions of my actions and they’re entirely correct when it comes to telling me to DM someone in the ban note. When it comes to the other half of the ban note, I saw Grimreaper reply something along the lines of " it never happened " and I became very irate and started to reply and go on a tangent that wasn’t appropriate or constructive for anyone and I apologize for that, it was wrong of me to call him out and say the things that I did and I admit to that fully. I know I’ve had a really rough past in this community and I know for sure that you guys are sick of dealing with me but I’ve really been trying to clean up my act recently but I’m only human and I really messed up here. I’m sorry for causing just another problem for you guys and I’m sorry accusing you of things that could’ve damaged your image. Thank you for taking the time to read / deal with this appeal.


Appeal assigned to the discord team for review :slight_smile:

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My job is to moderate all people who participate in the community. It is my job to uphold my policies and protocols, even if other staff members are involved.

Internally, managers are allowed to decide who has the right to sit within the community via manager bans, permanent bans, and community bans. However, this is not one of those powers being used. In this situation, this is the Forum Manager acting to moderate what was perceived as a rule break with no management powers being formally executed. Therefore, I will oversee this as the final deciding community manager for this situation.

Those who were punished to an unspecified rule break will therefore be unbanned and have their punished overturned. Regardless if the involved people were stirring the pot or improperly reporting the situation, a community member reserves the right to bring attention to a rule break. By such, Great Mentality and InsaneRed will have their bans revoked and be invited back to the maincord.

As aforementioned, no management powers were explicitly used during this situation, and TheSoldier acted in regard to be moderating on the same level as someone on my team. However, because he is NOT on my team, he should not be conducting moderation on the discord outside of management oversight.

Moving forward, I will be introducing a new policy outlining that All cases of moderation not executed with management-level authority will adhere to only members of the discord team and will be overturned without double punishment of the same offense unless specific exemption is provided by the Discord Manager, Vice Host, or Host (or done thereof by the same ranked staff). This new policy will be enacted on an unmentioned date internally.

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