Guys i noticed something about the queen in cm.

So turns out in the original aliens movie the queen had tiny arms coming out her chest. But in cm the extra set of tiny arms are not there.

Queen should get four hands to hold things with. Or should double up on slashes because her mini arms are clawing things too

change my mind.

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yea but for that you gotta change ss13 framework (difficult)

I think the queen originally had FF cup xreasts, but they got removed and never had the arms sprited as replacement.

Im not too sure what the mini arms where for in the original movies. My guess would be to grab eggs as her big arms might be too strong and could crush them. Another answer could be to do the same thing but with people.

If this was in cm we know they would probably just be used to pet noodles when she’s up in the ovie.

I’ve seen a couple servers have a multiple-arms thing for shenanigans. It’s certainly possible, although how much digging around in the code it requires idk

In terms of the original movie, they were likely just there to contribute to how alien and powerful the Queen looked. Extra arms is definitely a very alien looking thing to us as a bipedal, two armed species.

If we want to get into exploratory lore reasons, they may be vestigial arms from her evolution from a lesser caste.

Or maybe, not all queens look the same?

apart from the arms its kinda impressive how the small sprit looks like the queen. I imagine that as not easy. The only sprit that looks kinda jank is the burrower.

maybe it’s because t rexs have those short arms so they gave the queen it so it would invoke dinosaurs

Probably not the reason.

Queens look different but the smaller pair of arms is a frequently reoccurring trait in aliens media.

Whats the sound effect for the roar the queen uses. It sounds like the t-rex roar from Jurassic park.

The Tyrannosaurus rex had arms too, they should get a claw attack combo between bites

this is unacceptable, give queen her tiny arms.

I don’t think it would require much coding, on many servers the cyborgs already have three arms.

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