Hardcore Rework?

See title. I’m curious if there are any thoughts on how to make the ‘hardcore’ modifier somewhat more balanced to use than it is currently, in the context of all human mobs being forced to use it and not as an optional modifier for rifleman only.

For those unaware, the hardcore modifier means when a human mob dies, they are rendered unrevivable.

I’m not stating this as an effort to make the hardcore modifier a default part of the game, this is more just to see if it could be made less unbalanced for the times it is triggered for an admin event. Mainly since I believe trying to integrate hardcore into the game as a permanent mechanic would require a massive rebalance of the game to account for it.

One idea I’ve seen floated is to make humans have a larger crit health pool so it takes longer for them to die when they fall into crit. Though this raises issues of allowing xenomorphs to capture humans far easier, unless you now have to make it that a marine in crit cannot be dragged by a xenomorph.

Allowing them to tank a PB shot. For the higher crit health pool they’ll just die if they get dragged into hive anyway since xenos can’t heal people and facehugger only removes oxygen damage while they’re on the face once they’re off the oxygen damage restarts.

I feel like another damage type should be added. A permanent damage type that if it is over a certain amount you just can’t be revived. [not like if you have to much damage to be revived.]
If you get hit with a massive explosion you are not going to be revivable, but if you get shot and killed you can still be revivable, unless you have taken to much damage from before.

TLDR: You tank a gerande to save your fellow marines, you dead forever. You get FF you can still be revived, unless you got shot 40-50 times.

This would make Hardcore forgiving yet Hard for marines.

A larger crit pool could work fine, it would allow medics a bit more time to save someone.

It’s not too much of an issue with xenos since what determines if someone can be dragged/devoured is their pain level. No matter the health, if someone is in pain crit and gets dragged/devoured by a xeno they will die.

This might be the better idea overall, but it would have the side-affect of making Dexalin/Innaprov much more powerful if they can keep someone in a state of permanent half-life.

Unironically give everyone HEAP so not only do marines instantly perma if they get shot 3-4 times, but xenos also get vaporised to compensate for shit hardcore being on. Or just reduce xeno health. If marines are getting massive nerfs, may as well nerf the xenos too.

Current hardcore mode compensating by spamming shitty ERTs that have OP gear just doesn’t feel good. Why would I play as a marine with crap gear when I know everyone planetside will wipe, when I can wait for OP PMC slots?

All the xenos just go vamp to headbite every crit marine they see on hardcore, so increasing crit health isn’t even that significant. It just feels awful unless you’re on highpop.


Time to bring in shitty cloneloss mechanics

Disabling Vampire Lurker might be a necessary requisite to the event

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Use “realistic” approach. Any regular human won’t die for good from big injury to his feet, transferring to his leg, transferring to his groin, transferring to his chest.

So hardcore mode just “buffing” organ damage.
So if you die, you can be potentialy rivived if you are luckey enough to not get heartbroken. If you are that luckey, you still get massive other organ damage, basically preventing you from participating in combat and forcing you to go to surgery after just one death. If you are unluckey, you have to count that you are deemed important enough to get surgery before other shmucks.

Just also disable/nerf med that stops organ damage from doing anything when you run this hardcore event.

Then it is still hardcore, because death is very punishing, but also balanced, because if xenos don’t aim chest/groing/head, they do nothing more than they do to a regular marine.

No concerns about xenos capping, vampire lurker can stay, no further changes necessary. There is no way in hell doctors would be able to operate all of those people.

Toggle Hardcore = All humans changed to “Human Hero” stat block?

Personally don’t like hardcore and don’t really play it that much but honestly i feel like giving marines better stats like endurance level 2 or 3 would change a lot of things.

A change for xenos would probably be no mutations. A bit self explanetory.

Maybe have it like WO where there can be a mortar crew and no OBs or maybe the opposite with more OBs and no mortar.

It just seems a bit unfair marines only get one life and no real compensation for it. heck i think it might be a fun idea for the coders to implement the “drop a nade upon death” for marines
(idk man i’m just spitballing T-T)

Give marines these:

Honestly, not a bad idea. Humans at Endurance 5/Hero basically can’t ever have their bones broken. But this does change stun times I think.

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I remember brainwashing up a solution in a post, basically

getting defibbed deals a small amount of permanent heart damage that cannot be healed, and a larger amount of normal or temporary, which goes away on its own as long as the user doesn’t take more damage from combat, defibs, or do anything strenuous, taking too much combined damage will cause a heart attack which will permanently kill a human, but as long as they are taking some time off after getting defibrillated they’d have to die a solid amount of times before the heart attack happens.

one of the best admin events ive ever seen was changing perma timer to like 2-3 minutes, it apparently took some backend work but it made the game play so much better and honestly is how I wish things were for standard. I think hardcore gets overly punishing since xenos don’t cap cause of meme lurkers and resulting in instant FOB retreats and low xeno pop fob sieges

edit: for those who weren’t there, it made people care so much more about recovering those who had been downed, CPR’ing, and protecting corpsmen. Also in contrast to the hardcore events, because people WERE able to get revived, it means there wasn’t an instant marine population crash followed by an extreme xeno population crash due to their lack of caps. it just made paying attention matter a lot more and xenos consequently killed just to kill way less than hardcore events

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Honestly yeah, if you wanna just have an easy way to make hardcore less punishing for marines (and right now, it’s REALLY REALLY FUCKING PUNISHING), shrinking the revive timer is a good way. Sure, it doesn’t have the “”””””appeal”””””” of instantly permaing, but let’s be real- Current HC is ass, and doesn’t work well.