Harvestable Flora for Researcher

Researcher already have fauna they can gather and research (xenomorphs), so what if we expanded it to where IOs (or maybe even a new role?) could go to the surface, harvest randomized flora, and report back to the CMO/researchers?

I think instead of providing intel points, they should provide req budgeting.

The lore behind this could be very well different companies purchasing flora data in chunks for terraforming purposes.

Some of the specific things they could collect could be seed pods, flowers, tissue samples, or pollen.

All of this could be expanded upon, of course.

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There were briefly fruit that would grow on LV that contained the rare chemicals that researchers have to mutate stuff in xenobiology to get now.

Marines would eat them, get Addictive, Hepatoxic, Carcinogenic, Ketogenic super aids and complain, so they were removed. Sad!

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Even more of a reason to re add it back :slight_smile:


If people wanna be dumb, let them. It’s like people who eat floor pills with no labels.

But in seriousness, it probably wouldn’t make sense to just pick a pod and eat it randomly anyways. Just add something emetic so they vomit instead of actually ingesting it.

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