Here's an idea for a new spec. Yes i know this might be the last thing we need.

So you have a spec who specializes in laser weaponry. Yes i think the alien franchise has laser guns no idea why they do not show up more.

There main weapon. The Vertrilgung photon rifle. A weird weapon that requires good positioning to use it effectually. This gun fires a semi translucent beam of purple light that will go though glass and fences. If you can see though it it can shoot though it. Unlike bullets it does damage as the beam is on the target. Around 24 per second not including the fact it sets enemy on fire. This weapon uses a plutonium TEG battery so it will recharge on its own fairly quickly. This gun thrives in long drawn out pushes or defense as it can cover large area at the cost of damage. The beam also emits light and does increased damage to buildings…

Side arm. The neutron tracer pistole. It functions like spec sidearm but has slightly lower damage. IT fires round that which emits neutrons. Not enough to harm anything. The neutron radiation allows someone with the Strahlung helmat to see where they even in the dark. Its because the eyepiece can detect neutron radiation.

Strarhlung helmet- Allows the user to see slightly better in the dark and to see targets hit with neutron tracers round much easier. It also alerts the user to where they are when they get near even if its behind walls. It also protects the user from bright lights such as flashbangs.

Armor- just like medium armor but with a cool name.

Lore- this unit was originally made as a way to faze out bullet weapons to cut costs. The USCM commissioned a germen arms company. After initial success on the field they have been used more and more.

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ya we should give it a proton pack and give it a thing to put on the ground that sucks in zenomorphs like OOAOOAOOOOAOAOAOOAOAO FJRRKKKKTTTSSRRKKKGGHHHHHH and then they would be captured


We should make multiple to where marines can hold 6 captured xenos which makes them tamed and when Marines get into battle they throw out their chosen xeno to fight for them.

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Actually i think the beam should be purple not orange as that would less grating on the eyes.

Also since your main weapon does not need ammo you can have all kinds of space for other things. Imagine that a whole backpack full of nothing but what you put in. The only thing you need to carry is ammo for your sidearm.

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This seems counter-intuitive to the entire gameplay dynamic at the moment, primarily revolving around specialists (and marines in general) having to contend with ammo and resources. The only way I could see this being somewhat fair is if the damage is low (24 DPS is fairly low, so I suppose that’s not bad) AND it does NOT ignite a xenomorph, lest you simply (assuming it works like a smartgun with holding down the mouse button) sweep across an entire frontline and light everyone - friend or foe - on fire. Not to be rude, but the idea comes off as a spur of the moment and half-baked thing.

There’re more balance issues I could touch on, but honestly, I’m not gonna break it down and get into it in detail.

I’d rather see the CO shotgun be a spec loadout since it was rejected for CO loadouts.

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Yeah maybe remove the on fire effect. If we do that might it work a bit better. Also keep in mind that the ammo is way of balancing the bigger guns other specs get. This way the lower damage balances the gun for the lack of a need for ammo. To put this in perspective a knife does 25 damage.

i think that spec could be useful on offence as your trading the damage of say the grenadier for more reliable building damage. So far i think it fits into the category of its a cool idea that might be needed if we horribly unbalance the game in the xenos favor again.

What about having it so the damage stacks? Xenos move around pretty quickly, and if this weapon is a click and hold and not a lock on then it means you gotta swivel it around to follow them. Odds are you wont be aiming at something for more than a second.

So what I’m suggesting is for those instances where you can hold a target for longer, make the damage stack. If the time is <= 1 second, then the damage is 25, if it’s greater than 1 but less than 2, it does an additional 50 damage, and if you manage to hit it for more than 2 seconds, you get an additional 75, adding up to 150 damage inflicted if you hold your aim on it for longer than 2 seconds.

Additionally, if they’re put on fire, make the level of fire raise too. If you get past 1 second it becomes blue, and past 2 it becomes green (ignoring fire resistance). This makes it the perfect counter for something that might be charging up to a cade line or past a cade line, rather than hunting targets. Defenders that fortify up at the cadeline may be like “HAHA YOU CANT DO SHIT” until they see this spec lighting them on fire and dealing good damage for however long they choose to stay there.

The queen? Yeah this does like nothing to her, but hold it long enough and suddenly she’s green flamed and taking much more damage as she charges in.

I’d say to balance this, make the gun use power cells, as the beam is active it runs down the cell which then has to be replaced. This means that the spec’s ammo is easily attainable, but you can only hold so many power cells.

I’d also say if I were playing this class I might just ditch the sidearm. Why? It only highlights my target, that’s time I could be spending just hitting it with the laser, why waste the time I desperately need to inflict any real damage trying to highlight targets instead? Instead I’d say make the sidearm have limited ammo (just the mags but maybe req can order more), and make it slow and deal damage over time to ontop of the highlight. So now our target gets hit, is visible to the spec, and is taking like 10-20 damage a second + the initial 75 damage or so from the impact. AND it’s slower, meaning that it pairs PERFECTLY with the primary weapon of the spec. Hit a rav with this, it’s taking damage, it can’t run away as quickly, switch to your primary and lay into it and before it knows it it’s getting fucked up.

This spec’s greatest resource is TIME. The longer it has to lay into a target the more lethal it becomes, pair it with a sniper and the pistol, or allow the pistol to be used by a marine that the spec trusts, and it can become a killer if xenos undermine its ability.

E: After reading the aforementioned I’d say make it so that the beam ignites xenos after >2 seconds on target. This means you’d have to be rather intentional to light a marine on fire, and your odds of hitting those lower health xenos long enough to light them is pretty low, but satisfying if you get it.

E E: Maybe make it so that they require a powerpack to use it too, that just kinda makes sense for it.

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I like the idea of stacking damage and setting on fire after 2 seconds. i do not like the idea of power cells as one of its strengths is that you don’t need ammo. This is kinda of a support weapon as well. Burn open doors and down walls to help make the fob. Burn down the xenos walls. Its a good counter to very sweety drones who build 8 tile think walls. You know the ones im talking about. Keep in mind it cannot fire uninterrupted like a smart gun where you just hold down the trigger. It will run out of charge it just recharges.

Plus no ammo means you can be even more of a support by carrying other equipment at the cost of a better weapon like the sniper rifle.

By the way the sidearm does have limited ammo

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Not sure what to call this spec. Also do suggestions like this seemingly ever get put into the game.

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So you would want to ideasguys it, have a proposal ready usually it’s just





and then you would seek approval from someone, likely a Maintainer who will give it a nice thumbs up or thumbs down, and usually leaves a comment like “I like this, do it and we’ll make it a thing.”

Then you! (Yes you!) need to make it a thing. A lot of development is doing it yourself, nobody else is gonna pick up your idea and roll through the constant hurdles and walls that can come with a development process, you gotta pick it up yourself, reach out for some help if needbe, and start working on it!

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I have basically no idea how to code so i guess its not happing.

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I know this will never be added bbbbbuuuuuttttttt…

Looking at this I think it would work better if it had a power pack like Old SG that recharged over time with 1,000 power with it taking 10 charge a second to fire it also ignore all armor

So you could fire for 100 seconds non stop but recharge would be at 5 a second and not start until you stop firing for 10 seconds this stops them walking in shooting non stop well recharging at the same time it would take 210 seconds to fully recharge from 0 charge after firing

Damage could start at 20 a second but ramps up to a max of 40 over 20 seconds (+1 damage every second) this means to kill a 500 health target it would take 17 seconds and cost 170 power this IS a long time you could even make it 0.5 every second and it would take 8.5 seconds which is fast but I think it is fine at 17 seconds as you do have to add in other marine’s shooting them and the fact that they will be doing 40 damage the rest of the time after killing that target

This would also after the 20 second charge up make it do 400 damage in 10 seconds taking 300 charge and once fully charged it takes 13 seconds to kill 500 health target taking 33 seconds in total (20 to get 40 damage and 13 to kill)

It could connect to their power pack like Pyro or like SG in the suit slot

I don’t think they should get a side arms

Armor should be same speed as SGs armor but as good as pyro with less melee armor from 20 to 15(ID lock)

Armor name could be “ablative m1 armor” ablative is a heat shield for a vehicle that must enter atmosphere from orbit, such as on nuclear warheads(blocks heat) it should be a light color such as sliver or white as well

gloves name could be “Ablative M1 gloves” same armor as color and be insulated

Name of helmet “ablative M1 helmet” same color as armor

and weapon could stay the same name

Should have to wear googles stop eyes burning from the laser and NV( ID lock)

Name of googles could be “LPNVG1” standing for Laser Protecting Night vision googles mk1

Power pack for it could be named “NCPC” standing for Nucellar Conceded portable cell (only connects to their armor like scouts cloak and ID lock)

Wielding the gun should make you as slow as SG wielded

Weapon can only have a mag harness on it or light

maybe add a second mode to it taking 25 charge a second setting targets on fire doing 25 damage every second and reapplying fire in this mode it would take 40 seconds of firing non stop to run out of charge this mode wouldn’t have a + damage over time like normal mode

maybe add a third that is just a short “burst” of a laser doing 70 damage taking 25 charge a shot, a fire delay of 1 seconds taking 8 seconds to do 550 no + damage over time like normal mode