how to fix colony van

I once saw a synth driving a fixed van
when i try to fix the van by myself it seems its wheel module is broken however when i try to pry it out and fix it it says the wheel turns into ash because its too damaged(something like this) and i cant find a new wheel module on the map so how can i fix it

Spawn as a Truck Driver

A survivor role?,

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Yes it’s a surv role that spawns with wheels which can replace the current broken ones.

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In your preferences for jobs, you can select low, medium, high.

Next to these for survivor, there’s a box to the right which is your survivor type that you can select to be spawned in as, in this case you want to get engineering survivor, who have a chance to become vehicle crewman.

The wheels that come pre-installed on colony vans (with the exception of the CLF van) all have broken pre-installed wheels, there are spare wheels in the garage where the van spawns on some maps.

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Either spawn as the role or pray that there’s wheels randomly spawned somewhere.

Wheels always spawn on new varadero if you find you find it, just don’t let xenos find it. Same with trijent dam.

ok it pedends on what map is on because some maps dont have the van and to fix the van you need a welder and a wrench and van weels but they can be found on a corpse, somewere on the map or a spawn with them as a survivor but also u need a lvl 1 vehicle skill that not all jobs have but il recomend going engi