How to make ship emergency systems better discussion

Been playing some Dead Space remastered recently and after looking at that Hijack needs fixing Ideaguys I thought about how the current systems for evac and other emergencies could be changed to both make sense and be more fun and interesting.

For starters the evacuation system. The Almayer has 2 giant escape boats, something I have never seen in any franchise about space. All spaceships have a large number of escape pods instead. So that for starters makes little sense. I figured that they exist because of the core idea of ss13, the escape shuttle that exists in most vanilla servers. However I am in favour of removing boats entirely and instead squeeze more pods throughout the ship. As for the refuelling system I don’t like it nor it makes sense. The emergency won’t wait for you to refuel the pods and escape. Plus the “defend pumps” will only thin out the marines holding boats. The Almayer is a combat ship and is supposed to be in constant readiness, especially in terms of emergency preparation.

Self destruct also makes no sense the way it is now. It is not lore accurate and it doesn’t make sense to need to fuel anything in order to cause reactor meltdown. The reactors are nuclear and thus always fuelled. And to cause the meltdown you need to overheat them so that they are breached. I would much rather having the lore accurate version where someone with the knowledge of doing it like a command officer have to take a couple minutes to activate it and then get a timer. Maybe only make the highest ranking officer have access to it and only if the ship is boarded during hijack.

Speaking of Hijack. As is to be expected when the DS comes crashing down many vital systems are hit and will need repairs. I am not entirely certain of how that works currently but in my understanding comms astronav and power all go down. Guess what, that also makes no sense. I understand that it may in some way be for gameplay convenience but I still would rather it was different. Make it so that the systems that are damaged are the ones close to the crash. Like if the DS falls on upper engi it brakes comms. If it crashes lower engi it 100% disables power but has a chance of knocking the ship out of orbit to prevent the xenos from constantly crashing there as a high risk high reward thing. Then if they land at hangar astronav shuts down. Though at that point if there is no refuel I don’t know how that would affect the ship. Maybe have a chance to go off orbit into deep space or a smaller one of falling into the atmosphere. Then also make nearby APCs go down 100% of the time and add a chance to all else as to whether they brake or not. If the DS does not hit power it only makes sense that power issues will be mostly localised.

CIC console should have a button that activates the “man your battle stations” ARES announcement. So far my understanding is that it can only be activated by staff. It should be available to command instead and be activated when there are loose xenos on board or during hijack. It would only add to the fun. Just thing of an angry Sgt Apone for instance screaming at you to man your battle stations. You get the idea.

They’re supply shuttles, they’re only being used as escape boats because of the circumstances.

The supply shuttles aren’t kept fueled but I agree that the evac pods probably should be.

Balance, remember that xenos are players too and that saying “oh well you couldn’t break the SD fort in two minutes you all die” is kindof bullshit.

Balance and atmosphere.

Pretty sure that refers to a ship to ship battle not a dropship to ship ramming maneuver.

Few ever mention the 6 missile tubes the Almayer has upper fore port specifically for asteroids/anti-vessel combat beyond the AA orbital gun - though that would probably make at least one attentive admin necessary for every round. Literally never used, just an artifact of times gone by. Hijack is purely a gameplay necessity and over examination of things will probably give an admin alert saying “wycd” while c*ders do unnecessary menial alterations and no one can see the ultimate unstated goal.

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It’s not a necessity and we should just remove it entirely.

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Reintegrating ghosts as lessers and huggers, foxtrots, isn’t necessary - hijack is the method of giving latest-joins some 5-30mins of game play. I don’t think late joins should be punished just as I don’t think ghosts should be rewarded.

Gameplay and balance should always come before lore and “realism”. It’s a game, after all.

Honestly, yeah. Imo hijack should be gutted. Either remove it or bring it to a vote between Queen and CIC, or democracy. No one likes spending the mandatory 30 minutes of hijack hunting down PVT mess technician Stanley after the marines completely wiped planetside in 10 minutes.

Well the Almayer does have some kind of fusion engine. I’m not sure if there was any actual research put into it or not, but the wiki says it has a, “Type V linear fusion drive, Capable of generating 1.2 terawatt of engine power.”

Now I’ve never heard of a Type V linear fusion drive and I think that’s maybe a name made up for the wiki, but 1.2 terawatts is an appropriate amount for a nuclear fusion torchship that travels around the inner system where habitable planets will be.

So, depending on how that engine actually works, sabotaging that drive so that the Almayer explodes instead of gets pushed, isn’t an unreasonable possibility (1.2TW is not a small amount of energy)

The fuel itself paradoxically shouldn’t be explosive. It’d probably be Hydrogen and without significant amounts of oxygen, that won’t combust. The engine isn’t a chemical rocket engine and doesn’t do any combustion either.

Honestly though if you were going to self destruct the thing that makes the most sense is just setting off the nuke the almayer has. The self destruct in engineering thing is just a gameplay contrivance really. Warships don’t come with self destruct buttons, but they do come with explosives and those explosives in the right place can self destruct the ship all the same.

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Almayer Wiki page, Specifications, Engine:

  • Westingland S-52 Fusion Reactor: A Type V linear fusion drive provides the main ship mode of movement when not in FTL travel. Capable of generating 1.2 terawatt of engine power.

Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual, page 116, paragraph 3:

…the vessel’s primary power system, a Westingland A-58 fusion reactor with a maximum generating output of 3.6 Terawatts.

(Vessel here referring to the Conestoga class, which the Sulaco was one of)

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well SD dont have to be 2 minutes. You could change it into whatever time it takes as is to destroy after activation. That plus say 2 minutes to activate manually. As for localized damage I proposed a solution to add a chance to every apc on board that determines whether it brakes or not if it is away from the crash. Maybe make the lights flicker here and there. Finally battle stations are called when there is hostile aircraft/ship incoming in which case that applies. Plus there is an imminent boarding so it makes sense to call the crew to arms.

true but being able to disable a runaway reactor with one hit is also bad it should be more of an action that takes like 1-3 seconds

Hijack is nothing but a huge gameplay contrivance

Xenos would never be able to Hijack a DS

The Almayer would shoot down a DS easily

The SD of the Almayer would be a dedicated on-board nuclear weapon that could go off on command, not an overload that can be stopped

this actually has a lore explanation, which is that ARES fucking sucks.

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In Aliens Covenant the Praetomorph manages to jump onto the evacuating ship and does some major damage, same with the queen from Aliens. Its also been shown a few times in the lore that Xenos can survive the vacuum of space, at least for a short time. Perhaps the dropship that gets hijacked would also have some sort of IFF beacon, preventing its shootdown.

Just daydreaming really, but maybe in the distant future we will have a better hijack mechanic incorporating some of these themes, who knows…

Haven’t seen convenant, but if I remember correctly, in aliens the queen hides in the landing gear and doesn’t pilot the dropship herself, from what you said about convenant the alien jumps on the ship as well instead of piloting it. About IFF, I doubt it would be some always-active system preventing shooting down everything that has an IFF signature, even the smartguns can have their IFF turned off and with them, not being able to shoot people with IFF signatures doesn’t even matter too much as there are usually lots of marines without IFF guns around. If the ship’s could only shoot down non-IFF-signature-targets, then the CLF infiltrator pilots could just bomb the ship to death without any resistance, the hijacked vessels could just get away without anything being able to be done against them and so on.

Yea, I wasn’t referring to piloting/recalling the dropship, which I think is kinda dumb, more so boarding it via jumping/holding on and surviving the vacuum of space on the way up. IFF was more so to explain how a known hijacked vehicle would crash into the ship without getting blasted in atmosphere, which is also a little silly.

Always room for improvement with stuff like this, but finding something that can be replayed across rounds that isn’t even a bit silly is a big ask…

When I first played, I thought the hijack was like, a special rare event thing that xenos unexpectedly managed to do. Was kind of dismayed to find out it’s actually how every round goes.