Howitzer Idea

Old Idea from CM tank days. Essentially another option for Marines to purchase with techpoints like Foxtrot and Nuke.

Gameplay wise, it would as said before be a tech purchase, with 2 different ways to use it.
It functions as either a ground emplaced weapon, or a cas module similar to rocketpods/GAU.

In ground emplacement it essentially acts as a super mortar, being incredibly slow to operate by yourself, needing multiple marines to use properly. Damage and time to target wise, it sits right between OB and Mortar.

As a CAS module, it can be as simple as just another weapon for a firemission, or more complex requiring actual dropship crew cooperation similar to an AC-130.

Either Variant would be able to use similar but not identical shells to mortar, some suggestions: HE, White Phosphorus, Cluster, Minelayer(timed)

Lorewise it could be a leftover Longstreet LTB cannon(115mm) or a 158mm cannon ripped from a M292 SPA.


I 'member throwing around this idea a few years back. Multi-tile howitzer, load it like the OB cannon (more ammo charges, longer it goes). Sadly, it never got off the ground. For this new one, maybe it could even do custom OT shells?
Bunker-buster shell-tips, reducing payload, but increasing where it can hit. . .
For CAS, have it take up the 2 rear slots, requires someone to physically man it, and you’re good to go. Probably give it a 20 sec cooldown between shots?


Literally readding fatties as tech unlock? Would need some balance to not FATTY SPAM INSTAGIB NO WARNING, but good idea.