i am going to make cas louder

ever since i have started using four gaus for cas (as is my god given right) xenos have been complaining that CAS doesn’t make enough noise. so i present a solution. we turn up the cas volume by 1000%. this is hrp because a jet flkying overhead and firing four gaus would probably make marines deaf, and the xenos won’t complain about there being ‘no noise’.

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No amount of volume will fix the ‘no noise’ issue, because sometimes byond moments happen where the .ogg does not trigger or plays super far away for no reason.

Also the entire CAS windup is one .ogg that starts playing once, and if you were too far to hear it but ran into it, you would not have been in a place to have the sound even play for you, but you’re now ontop of it, which is silly.

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the noise problem is just audio not playing past a certain distance from things

Very serious suggestion here:
About 3, 4? years ago, we had the audio get reworked. I forget how and why, but I distinctly remember before the rework the game was 10,000x more atmospheric, because you could hear gunfire literally from the other end of the map. If you’re at LV beach and someone is blasting away at something in the fob - if it was quiet you would hear that distance rat-a-tat from their gun going off. You could hear CAS hitting shit from the fob, you could hear muffled distant mortar strikes from the mortar itself.

It was INCREDIBLY atmospheric and the audio since then has felt extremely dead compared to what it used to be like.

Oh and also if we fixed that it would probably help alleviate a lot of the “I can’t hear the OB” issues xeno players have.


The Performance wars were full of casualties such as these


CAS is loud even as it is it is just xeno malding

Can confirm have seen a fighter jet take off. Even in a vehicle from across the road the sound is terrible.