I need footage of marine gameplay!!

Alright, marines. Here’s the deal. I’ve had this idea for a video bouncing around in my head for a while, now - something to showcase the marine side of the community and feel of the game. That part isn’t important (And I also kind of want it to be a surprise). There’s two problems, though.

  1. I lack proper video editing software. I’ve been playing around with this free program for a while now, which I think I can do it on, but it’ll look… kinda funky. If anyone has any kind of good (AND FREE) video editing program I could use then I’d appreciate it. I am poor, so getting a $100 copy of Adobe whateverthefuck is off the table.

  2. The part where most of you can come in! I have a whole 300gb of free space on my computer after I uninstalled Arma 3, and I need all of the marine gameplay you can get me. I mean ALL of it. Sitting at brief, messing around with friends in prep, fragging xenos, fucking around with predators, evacuations, you name it, I need it. Nothing is off the table. In fact, the more generic you can get with it the better in my opinion. OBS is free and easy to use, I highly recommend you use that to record.

There’s only three stipulations.

Marine gameplay only. The idea I had in mind doesn’t really… fit the xenos side. Predators, maybe? No promises though.

No music playing in the background . I don’t want anything playing over the music that’s going to be in the background, I need clips with audio but without music.

No voice chat. This kind of messes with the idea I had for the video - though this shouldn’t be much of an issue, considering CM is text based anyways.

And that’s all! 10~ minutes of content of various types should be enough to satisfy what I have in mind. I’d greatly appreciate anything anyone could shoot my way. I’d also like to clarify it’s probably going to take a while. If you have it you can either post it here or send it to me on discord. (Kirie!#5020)


best i can do is some really cool or really memey screen shots for now. Like cool cad lines or whatever.

heres one about me making a cad wall.

If you need a good free video editor there’s a few like ClipChamp which is very easy to use but doesn’t have as many of the gimmicks a lot of paid ones have and if your computer is decently good, there is DaVinci Resolve which is a high end one that is free but very complicated. As for marine gameplay I don’t particularly have space to fill with marine gameplay but there is a ton of videos on the internet from CM players old and new and I’m sure there is a lot of clips in the discord screenshots channel or last round chat etc.

I’ll take a look at my video folder when I get the chance. Most’ll have music in the background but I can prolly find some clean enough to use for ya.

Finally they have reasons to exist

i record all the rounds i play

Christ Im having a hard time finding clips without music in the back, got about two or three so far, will send ya a dm with em tho. I’ll try to record the next round I play, gonna see if I can’t get one in before I head back east.

epic escape I think

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be sure to check DaVinci out

And I could use the older clips but, from what I’ve seen most of them have music or are a little too old for me to be able to use heh

Not mine

i have ~40gbs of raw unedited gameplay and a dozen or so clips

reach out to me at samson#3525 on discord so we can figure out a way to send these to you

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I gotchu

Smartest Delta Desktop 2023.05.12 -

Another gigabrain Marine Desktop 2023.04.15 -

Marine Bursting Desktop 2023.04.13 -

CMP Bullying Desktop 2023.04.12 -

Accidental hive dive Desktop 2023.04.11 -

Funny SADAR kill Desktop 2023.04.08 -

Funny old APC CM-SS13 - USS Almayer 2022-05-24 16-38-56

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