i want to play xeno, what should I do?

after 4 years of CM I am finally interested in playing xeno, what should I do?


You can start by playing xeno.


thanks for your informative reply, this is the most helpful anyone has ever been


Don’t play Xeno.


will do boss, I guess this topic is over

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So first what you’re going to want to do is set XO to high and DP or Doctor to medium. Your decision making and actions will change based on which role you obtain. XO is often contested so you’ll be able to get it maybe 1 every 3 rounds or so but the other 2 roles are fairly easy to obtain, maybe DP being the second hardest. There are more roles you can take but I want to keep this a short guide since you’re new.

If you get XO you can do a number of things that will greatly help out your xeno hive such as duel LZ FOB, ordering the MPs to arrest anyone who doesn’t have a helmet on, setting the briefing to 35 minutes from when you first wake up, ordering Delta to FOB, choosing a LZ that is far away from any comms tower, not ordering a squad to setup or defend a comms tower, reloading the OB yourself and chambering it with 1-3 fuel blocks instead of the required 4-5-6. The list goes on and on, be creative! The round is your oyster.

If you get DP you can either roll as CAS or Transport and both have their varying branches of helpfulness. If you’re transport you can buy two cooling systems and install them both, kit the Alamo out with four rocket pods, be sure to grab medevac, fulton and rappels too, be sure to take many breaks while doing transport cycles - or better yet put the Alamo on auto pilot while you argue with the ASO that two cooling engine upgrades is the way to go, when evac is eventually called be sure to leave as early as possible so that you aren’t injured as your life is more important than a couple of enlisted since you’re an officer.

If you get CAS you can do some serious damage to the marines with your weapon attachments and rockets! Never do fultons, never do medevac, transport down to the secondary LZ instead of doing an actual flyby, it’s very impactful to the overall success of the hive!

Get Doctor? Well be sure to work as slowly as possible, don’t want to make a mistake when a marine comes in with a larva inside them. We need to make sure they pop so our fellow worm bro can escape in the vent and later decap the XO in CIC when they’re alone. Asked to make UNGA? Be sure to add very useful properties such as blue souto and coffee, marines love their drinks.

I could go on but seeing as how you’re a brand new xeno player I don’t want to overload you, best of luck out there!


Turn off directional slash, play acid runner, and waste every single larva dying to random privates until you’re good at the game.


Click “join as xenomorph”

I kneel sir. Fantastic.

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Delete CM, the grass is calling.


For a serious reply… play drone.

They are always needed… they have reserved t2 slots that are usually open so you can take your time evoing to whatever you want.

Not a whole lot is expected of you… and you dont even need to combat… stay out of alot of it till you get the rhythm of xeno down.

If anyone hassles you to build you can always just go healer drone and assist the front.


Try drone for real, it’s the simplest. Build, observe other xenos, try to get some game sense. Next try sent and spitter (boiler when you feel confident) to experience more combat as these castes are the lowest risk. When you begin to understand how to kill marines and how to use your abilities, you may try more castes. Defender is a great T1 to learn melee combat, lurker is good and rather easy to learn backline, warden prae, hedgehog ravager and base crusher are fairly easy T3s to learn frontline T3 combat. Just don’t be too anxious, if you played the game for 4 years chances are that many xenos play worse than you anyway. Avoid dying, but don’t be too afraid to lose, it’s just a game. Even prime xenos die constantly.


You can do it like me, where i had BOO essentially camp me as an IO 3 games in a row, and then went to lurker other people. Now i’m an ancient lurker on the way to prime and its only filled with spite.

So look at the caste you hate playing against, and try playing it. Sometimes it just works.


its simple evolve into what ever you like, follow the queens orders and dont die

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Learn xeno by trying out all the castes, then take the time to learn the caste you find most fun.

Also i still find it funny how some marine mains have never went beno.

Depending on how hard you want to hit the ground running when starting Xenos depends on the castes you want to start off with. Play drone if you want to play backline support by spreading weeds and building up the hive. Or be on the frontline spreading weeds to support your fellow sisters. If you like drone you can specialize into its builder or healer strains. If you want something more combat-focused, go for warrior and punch the shit out of marines.

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find a niche you might do in parallel as a marine:

comtech → builder drone
medic → also healer drone
military police → also drone…
doctor → also healer drone
researcher → also garderner drone
chief engineer → drone then evolve into hivelord
corporate liason → drone then evolve into burrower
CO → drone then evolve into Queen
SO → drone then evolve into Queen

my point is evolve into a drone


True tip. Play either Defender or Drone to start with. Drone is a great support and its always an appreciated caste to have on the field, and Defender is the most well balanced xeno caste in the game and has good survivability.

Runner is a new player trap, they die instantly and demand a high level of skill. It’s akin to running around as an armourless Marine, you could do it, but one mistake and you are dead.

I wouldn’t say that runner is exactly a new player trap. You put around 20-25 hours in, and it starts to become less challenging. Acid runner especially is fine for new players, since theres not much abilities to worry about and the extra health+armor makes it easier…

As rouny, you will die a lot. Your job as rouny is to offset your deaths by providing value throughout each of your lives. I’d argue it’s harder to kill runners then it is to play runner. (at least if rouny is elder or above)

Death is not the end after all, and if you get a bunch of bonebreaks, caps, etc, enough to make up for the value you lost by dying, you are gaining. That’s not exactly difficult so long as you choose targets and have good ping. I think in general, people overestimate the skill floor of runner. It can be a very coinflip caste though, since sometimes you’ll die more then you bring in.

Sometimes, marines will put heavy effort into backlining, sometimes they will not. If marines put a lot of effort into backlining, Base Rouny is often way more difficult to make value out of.

The skill floor, being, capping or bonebreaking solo people in the Backline. Avoiding groups. Learning to use pounce as much as possible in order to minimize risk. Etc.

I do agree though that it’s not a caste anyone should pick up as a first caste to get good at… But once your mature in 1 or 2 xeno castes, it’s not too hard to get started. The speed completely eliminates that aspect of xeno which is marines burning the lifeline, since you can almost always escape. It’s verrry hard to chase and checkmate a runner. The drawback is getting hit by 1 or 2 stray bullets means you have to heal. Very annoying w/o pheros.

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This is fair.

The only counter issue is that nowadays, due to the low number of larva Xenos get from caps, that dying can be quite punishing since, depending on pop, you may well be stuck not getting a 2nd life as a Xeno, or perpetually stuck at double digit positions in the larva queue.

This is more a issue with the direction the game took during Morrow and the fact his changes were left half-finished but it still bears consideration. Death can be an acceptable outcome for a Xeno but oft times you can feel unrewarded because you may well miss a second chance to play the game.