If an MP arrests a CLF survivor should the CLF be charged with Sedition or POW?

Sedition is for people who commit terrorist acts and rebel against the us government. naturally given the fact that CLF are Guerrillas on UA colonies they should be arrested for sedition right? but POWs are any currently hostile faction against the UA which would naturally include the CLF but i doubt the UA government would recognize the CLF as an actual separate hostile faction and more as a terrorist group as recognizing the CLF as a hostile group would give them credence. the reason i believe it should be sedition is mainly because i think the CLF would be classified more as terrorists then political prisoners which would come with them being POWs.

Isn’t sedition limited to actions aboard the ship such as sabotage and mutinies, rather than it being the charge for being a “terrorist” around the colony?

If it’s a CLF survivor. They should be charged with POW by default. That’s why we brought that into marine law.

If I caught them wandering around, I’d charge them with being a PoW. However, if I caught them after they sabotaged a part of the ship and killed a few people, then I’d tack on the sedition charge to the PoW charge.

Note to self - only ever deliver PARTS of a CLF survivor to MP hands since they are restricted by Shipside ML. Quite frankly, sedition should be applicable to any persons groundside acting against UA interests - survivor or otherwise. THE ONLY SAFE GALAXY IZ AN AMERICAN ONE! COLONIST/COMMUNIST SOUNS THE SAME TE ME!