Infection and Necrosis

Bring back infection and necrosis for both limbs and organs. Only treatment for necrosis being replacing the dead organ.

Add a chance for organs, tissue and limbs to become necrotic or infected, especially during surgery, that can be lowered by:

1 - operating in a proper OR using a surgery bed

2 - keeping the OR clean

3 - wearing sterile gloves, medical scrubs and medical gowns, mask and surgical hat

This would make shipside medical not useless anymore. Probably. Maybe.


iirc it was removed due to lag

I’m not a huge fan but why not just make it like IB code-wise but with different effect(s)

the issue is there is rarely means for sterile surgery on the ground as is considering colony medical is far from LZ or just a huge mess and then again there will be need for new artificial organs should one die. That likely means more metal to print em and dependence on doctors on the ship=more work which can become an issue should medical be understaffed. Generally getting medical changed needs to be in a way that wont nerf the shit out of marines

Dependence on shipside medical is good, shipside medical being overwhelmed is good.

Currently shipside medical is useless, every single wound can usually be treated planetside.

Field surgery shouldnt be sterile, it should be a risk. You would be able to wear masks, gloves etc and it would lower the chance of infection but it wouldnt beat a sterile OR in a fully equipped medbay or colony hospital. It felt WAY better playing doctor in the past when you actually were useful and needed and field surgery was something that didnt happen or wasnt as good as it is right now.

Regarding it being a nerf, it shouldnt be a problem. IMO the game isnt even balanced right now. Marines win 80% of the rounds. It would be a realistic and immersive feature and keep doctors from acting like MTs out of boredom.


this is not an actual issue and is simply an excuse made up by shitcoders

I feel a better approach to any questions of marine medical work would require a big document discussing all the changes you want to see implemented. Piecemeal changes may only get us so far and lack a coherent vision.

The whole point of the recent suggestions is to stop groundside medical being so dominant. That might not be liked but it worked on so many levels.

The rise of doctors on the frontline, frontline surgery, and even doctor(s) in FOB is killing medical shipside frankly and is a more serious factor in balance than you might realize. It shifted everything in the wrong direction and now we keep compensating for it

It’s better to balance the lore, roleplay, and gameplay around a shipside medical for advanced issues than a planetside one.

“But what about Medevac being poor?”
In another thread we had suggestions to fix that by making medics able to activate the medevac send-up when the DS is around (perhaps during flybys). And on a side note: Coordination is part of the game.