JarvisJunior - Staff Report: Behaviour involving Misconduct - Robotic_Potato

JarvisJunior - Staff Report: Behaviour involving Misconduct - Robotic_Potato

What’s your BYOND key:

When did this incident occur:

Your character name:
Aart Baker

Their BYOND key:

What are you reporting?:
Behaviour involving Misconduct

Description of the incident:
I had appealed a ban appeal where I had blown up the front line to which I apologized.

I was accused of hacking and asked for proof from Morrowolf

Robotic_Potato handled the appeal.

He started by saying I lied about waiting 5 minutes, this was a rough estimate for me as the incident happended so long ago I don’t have the best memory since most of my time isn’t on video games, I gave a liberal guess of how long I waited.

He said I said “rent free” and “fans” this was referring to people who started mass observing me and trolling in the chat, I believe the response was appropriate considering alot of banter and trolling happens with lax enforcement to the matter in the server’s ingame chats.

Robotic_Potato made a rude and snark comment, saying I must have a “special gaming chair.” that allowed me to shoot into the vines where a runner was.

I believe that comment to be unprofessional from someone who is an administrator, they should be only speaking to the facts of the matter and not to their feelings.

Robotic_Potato failed to post any evidence to prove I was hacking, which shows there is no evidence at all of any hacks. By Potato’s words, I’m being perma banned for pre-firing, which many marines do it’s a strategy many employ in game.

I believe Robotic_Potato’s conduct was not up-to board of that of a an admin, I believe my appeal was mishandled and there isn’t enough evidence to sustain a ban for hacking as I’m being accused of pre-firing where Runners are.

Prior to my ban I had no record, so a 6 month ban for grief and file for perma I believe is excessive since the hacking did not occur.


Failure to post evidence in a public forum is not indicitive of there not being any evidence, and I have seen it myself and find it sufficient to sustain your ban.

You cannot report someone because you don’t like the result of your appeal, particularly as Robotic Potato said himself that he was told to deny the appeal whilst the permaban is reviewed and/or finalised.