Join as Random (USCM) Role. (For Latejoining not Roundstart)

Thinking it could be cool to have a button to just join as a random USCM role when late joining. Just for those cases when you wanna play marine, aren’t really sure what to, but also don’t really care what. I can take a stab at coding it. Things I’d want to make sure it does are:

  1. Account for allowed slots (so making sure joining as random doesn’t somehow ignore slots)
  2. Account for WLs (so making sure you can’t join as random and have it accidentally give CO/Synth/WJ/SEA etc.)
  3. Account fot Timelocks (same as above but for timelocks)

Just curious for feedback/if anyone else thinks people may actually use it

I approve,

just in case you didn’t know you can set your role preference for random at the start of the round and ready up.

Just set every role to low/medium and ready up…

I would if on one condition:

I can make sure certain jobs don’t go into my random roll

I dont want to random roll as a SO because i simply dont enjoy it same with CL and CC. There are just some rolls that i wont enjoy and now its rather i deal with it the entire game. Additionally if you can make it so it ignores role priority, like how some rolls even if you put it on low you will get because they are of higher priority. Like i want to roll for spec like everyone and incase i dont get it i will be given FTL because if i remember correctly FTL takes more if a priority than spec.

Other than that yes please

This would be for late joining, not round start (know there is already a join as random for roundstart as @Pablo_Excavator mentioned or you can just set stuff to low/med as @TheeBiggest mentioned)

The main counterpoints I can see to this.

  • Latejoin players would gain IC knowledge of the round when joining. My opinion of this is simply that we already have this with xeno/ERT spawns.
  • We want to encourage players to join as xenos.

Personally, if I were to propose this, I’d suggest it strictly let you select what role you want to join as, so long as a slot is on offer. God help us if we get a deluge of people “random joining”, getting stuck as a MT, and then cryoing and complaining.

I feel like the way to prevent people like me to not just cryo if they get a role they refuse to play is somehow make it so you can remove roles for the roulette wheel of random roles

Now i will also say that the problem is that it is not truly random. Some roles have more priority because they are way more essential like XO or SL so if you roll for comtech, corpman, ftl, and SL. Even if you have SL at the lowest or the same as a rest it is going to roll for SL first because it is more important to have SLs than FTLs and comtechs. There is nothing wrong with this system because if by the miracle of god everyone randomly rolled rifleman and had to rely on pure unga then, while a interesting match, isnt good for CM. What would help is if there was just a truly random option.