Lack Of Mentors

Just as the title says. I personally feel like Mentors aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing during rounds. There have been several occasions when I have been playing where I have had to resort to teaching a new player through LOOC, because no Mentors would respond to a ticket or come to help a Private. The entire point of the Mentor WL should be to teach new players, not just to be an SEA during an event or something. If a mentor is playing the game as well, they still should be able to take the time to respond to a ticket, or if they are in a relevant role, help them in person. This could also be due to the hours that I play at, but if anyone else feels the same, I implore you to discuss it here. The reasoning for me making guides like I have been, is in order to help new players. So if you ever see a new player, and I have made a guide for the role they are playing, send them the link in LOOC if no Mentor is around. Something is better than nothing.

while its not a terrible idea, most fresh-minted shinies don’t even understand LOOC or other. the lack of SEAs at all pop hours does suck sometimes though.

One thing I found is that you can’t unmark what you have already marked. So another mentor can respond. They’ll have to Mhelp again writing their issue again, which in honesty, would be a good QoL to have as a mentor. But there is a way to bypass it, just having another mentor write in the mentor chat the answer, but even then not many would respond. Either due to them being busy at that moment, not noticing. Or just can’t be asked.

Also adding to that, SEA doesn’t have much to do when theres no privates. Yeah you could help overwatch but, thats really boring. You could also deploy but you’re restricted to FOB, I understand restriction to FOB but atleast being able to move around secure area’s would be nice. Most of the round I just walk around trying to find something to RP, or assist with, but that doesn’t always happen. Maybe making the SEA role a bit more special, rather than having a big LOOC above your head and skills you can’t use shipside(Hella alot of the time).

(Still miss that SEA’s could use specialist equipment, bring that back pls!!)

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Yeah i have noticed that there is no longer that many people that go on as SEA. I been having to start going out of my way to train new privates which im probably not the best person to be doing it, but they usually just end up wandering the halls naked and clueless. At the same time there is usually like 5 mentors in game, which is also fine its not like its a job. But the problem is these new players usually dont know how to chat nor mentorhelp. They wind up being SSD on the prep room floor because they didnt know what to do. With the lack of SEA i have noticed this problem more and more.

Its difficult to know who is playing what once you get started.

You have to either go SEA and hope you wont be bored alllll round. Or hope you are in lobby and the mhelp for assistance comes through.

I see them frequently… but i am a t2/t3 so i cant even see if a SEA is spawned… and have no way to get to them unless i ghost.

And the number of people who know enough to Mhelp are verrry slim.

If we are wishing…

  1. give all pvts/xenos a dialog popup that explains how to mhelp that goes away once you play 3 hours or something.

  2. Allow me to become an sea when dead or ghosted like you can a working joe.

  3. show in a menu somewhere if there is an SEA or a helper drone is spawned; viewable by everyone. I dont see how it would break the round for the other side to know whos training and i would be far more likely to ghost and go sea if i know there isnt one. Im not risking a ghost of a t2/t3 to find out theres already a sea afk.


im happy you take that ordeal upon yourself, even with the risks it ensues with the silent admin/mentor/mod staff. i cant even count the number of hours and number of silent shinies ive tried to drill into “food > vendors > guns/loading” while peeps like my arch-nemesis-made-me-go-blind-with-how-hideous-he-is Felix went MP eheheheheh

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Gramps is mad because he once again has to be taken into custody for his own good because he was caught “teaching marines” that dont exist. He is likey found just mumbling to himself confused in the hallway.

The military only keeps him alive and employed because his enlistment salary from 90 years ago is a pittence compared to the pension he would recieve after nearly a century of compounding.


One QOL change, when a mentor goes SEA their marked as SEA for mhelps and stsffwho.

While yes this may lead to meta targeting it is a good solution for mentors and players to know if there is and isn’t a sea around

Something I’ve learned from my own desires to be a Mentor but never applying, and conversations with them, in addition to my Corpsman/Commtech occasionally out-performing Synths: There’s a pretty big difference in being one of the better engineering, rifleman, or chef players in the community and being confident teaching that . . . and wearing a “ask me anything : )” hat.

So, it’s a combination of hoping the baldie knows enough to know what they don’t know, but do know to ask for a mentor, and having one online that’s confident in that subject. I doubt the CE will be able to help with the fundamentals of research, for example.

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Bro i cant fucking believe these fucking volunteer ARE NOT DOING WHAT I WANT IN MY SPACE GAME! WHAT THE FUCKEDY FUCK BRO! MAKE THE GAME HOW I WANT IT!!!


A fellow warframe player eh?

morrow apply for mentor

Some of you make mentoring EXHAUSTING.

I want to teach new player and xenos… not answer NERD SHIT.

“Whats the maximum tile range you can hightoss a grenade vs normal toss”

“How much organ damage do you take per step when not splinted”

Not even GOD knows those answers… and now i have to watch them repeat forever.

I think it’s not a lack of mentors, but SEAs and SEA ease of use. Most mhelps are almost always answered.
But as SEA you have next to nothing to do in the event there aren’t new players which can really stretch out for +2 hour rounds. It’s also difficult to spawn as one if you’re playing or ghosted. Unless an SEA is already ingame, it’s hard to really respond to “hey PVT Balder Bald needs help” - IF can help but only so much.

Obvious solutions would allow observing mentors to spawn as an SEA ala a WJ in-round spawn command and hope they’re trusted enough to not abuse/meta.
Other solution would be to give SEAs more freedom and allow them to do more stuff when it’s slower. They can deploy, but almost never do.

MHELP: Why won’t she text me back?

Notably, it is hard to become an SEA when someone suddenly mhelps and says “Hey I need an SEA right now for this guy.” Most players on this server(including mentors) actually like to play the game which very often isn’t playing SEA given its limited slot and very small number of duties isn’t picked a whole ton. I don’t particularly believe this to be an issue, if anything our server empowers mentors a lot more than some other servers do with the utility of SEA and imaginary friend. Sadly we can’t always appear as another player to resolve an issue and we still always have mentorhelps.

The mentor system is meant to empower more knowledgeable players to assist new players, but I hope every player in the community is looking out for other players who need help and assists them learning. Communities that don’t foster new players die out and it’s as simple as that.

It’s a bit hard to tell on your end as players, and obviously I’m not ingame 24/7 but mentors and staff can see mhelps left open; but if you believe mhelps aren’t be answered or if you believe mentors aren’t portraying our community in a positive light I always appreciate reports.

As one of the older community members of CM I’ve always been so invested in the mentor team after my return because I realized even as my own play time has started to dip I wanted to help foster the people who should be here to help new players enjoy the game as I have for so many years since I started playing back in 2015.

Honestly, I wouldn’t expect much out of people who volunteer their time inside of an activity that is meant to be their reward for doing so. It’s easier to just be a player and very little incentive exists in the mentor role, other than SEA. Even some of the die-hard players who might play 20 hours a week or more, might only spend a small fraction of that teaching others. The experience is often the same and could easily be replaced with a guide or tutorial.

I enjoy teaching, but even then that’s a tiring incentive. Other incentives need to exist to get more people willing to pass vetting to be trusted with roles that are oriented to mentor-like positions, in this case SEA.

As it stands, you need to be creative as an SEA to have fun. Everybody goes to combat as the one thing that would be an incentive, but it’s easy to get lost in that aspect of gameplay and forget that you have a job to do. Even right now as it stands you can deploy to FOB and do a little bit of shooting, but you gotta dip if it’s a full siege.

I encourage all SEAs to go to the IC Tab, Check Skills, and take a look at all of that and think, how can I implement this into a round? With engineering skills I can make sure the PSUs are online and OB/AA is set. With medical skills I can assist medical if I see Docs/Nurses aren’t able to keep up. If CIC is struggling I’ll go up and see what they need, be it overwatch, or coordinating with Req to get some more supplies flowing. And then I’ll pack ammo/boxes and ship them to req even if they need it or not. Outside of that, you can work/hang with Research, MPs, and MTs and just fuck around. You’re everybody’s bro.

I tried to do the thing once where I took out the whole form fill-box thing to review departments, but I quickly learned nobody really cares. The XO/CO has enough problems and you should know enough to improvise and implement solutions. In this community I see a real challenge for people comes in learning how to ask and say please, rather than depending on giving orders and telling people what to do.

Generally, it’s very easy to be useful in a round as SEA. But yes, you’re best shipside and should usually stay there, unless the FOB is a round-ending mess.

Everybody else in this thread has the right idea giving mentors a WJ-esque pop-in role. It’s not as good as aghost/assume direct control of quickly created mob with basic gear, but it still gets us onto target.

And for the love of god, add instructions on how to recharge the new (garbage) NVG system to the auto-response file.

And add a service jacket to SEA vendor. We need to look pretty so we feel pretty.


I don’t play humans so I’m unclear on the details but if you want you can message me on discord with the details and I can make a PR for this.

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