Lalipar - Moderator Application

Moderator Application - Lalipar

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord username?

What characters do you play on CM-SS13?
Oswald Osterweis

Are you 16 or older?


On average, how many hours are you available to moderate in an average week?


Do you have previous experience in game or community moderation?
Admin on a few Garry’s Mod servers for several years.

Provide any links to any previous CM-SS13 whitelist, mentor or staff applications:

Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on CM-SS13?
I have not.

Can you actively engage and communicate with the team through Discord?
I can.

Final Details:

Why would you like to join the CM-SS13 staff team?
I enjoy moderating as well as helping players with questions and concerns, and I would like to take some of the load off of the staff members that do so already, which is what, in part, keep the rounds running smoothly and make CM enjoyable for everyone. Eventually, I would also like to assist with events and learn how to do some myself.

What makes you a great addition to Staff? (Experienced Tabletop DM, Aliens Lore Buff, Super Organized, etc.?)
I believe I can remain clear-headed in most situations and have the capacity to stay impartial. I’m familiar with using moderation tools and have experience moderating in an RP setting. Though vastly different in gameplay and rules, I feel the similarities in moderation remain.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality of a CM-SS13 staff member?
There are many important qualities of being a member of staff. A couple that I feel stand out the most are communication and being unbiased.

Between staff members regarding reports and other situations, between players when dealing with issues, ensuring they are aware of which rule was broken and how what they did violates that rule and when answering questions, making sure the answer is accurate and properly addresses the question.

Being Unbiased
As the SS13 community is quite small, and CM-SS13 smaller still, you will often be dealing with people you have interacted with before; putting aside any personal experiences is important so the same standards are applied to everyone.

Anything else you want to add?

Hi there, sorry for the severe lack of responses and little review of this application, please carefully read these questions and answer them to the best of your ability!

  1. You see a naked marine running around the ship with a rifle in their hands. They seem lost, but they just shot someone once (not to death) and they get gunned down by a marine. How do you go about handling the situation?

  2. An MP was just ahelped for flashbanging briefing and are now arresting 4 marines and pepper spraying people all over the place, you are the only staff member on, what do you do?

  3. You see 3 or 4 people getting into a heated argument on the discord, one person starts calling the others slurs, what do you do?

  4. Queen ahelps that 5 larva have just died near the larva, they state that a larva every once in a while runs up to the FOB and gets gunned down by a sentry, what do you do?

  5. A Whitelisted CO just BE’d 2 people at briefing, a spec and a medic, they both ahelp the CO for griefing them, what do you do?

  6. A marine was arrested for breaking into the COs office and stealing jones and ahelps stating the MPs falsely arrested them for DTGP and tresspassing, what do you do?

  7. You are the only server staff on at the time and there is an exceptionally long round (3+ hours!) How do you break the stalemate or wrap up the round with your tools? (doesnt have to be perfect if you dont know about the tools that staff members have)

  8. A medic starts overdosing people on Bicardine in the FOB and a marine shoots them to death, what do you do?

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Hey Firecharge, thank you for the response.

Shooting someone just once seems like they were trying to figure out the controls rather than trying to kill them.
I would PM both players and ask what happened, make sure medical staff are on their way to them and check if an SEA/Mentor is available and happy to assist them once they are revived. If no one else is available I would help them myself.

I would PM the MP asking what happened and send a fax about the SOP violation once the situation is over (Use of riot gear on green alert) also ordering their arrest for FTFP to ensure the message is conveyed.

  1. Message discord staff
  2. Tell them to stop

I would check the ckey for each larva that has done this, PM and verify what happened, note citing rule 2 and the recent rule clarification. Ban and/or Job ban if it was the same player for multiple or all larva deaths or if the player has a history of similar actions.

Server staff are unable to moderate whitelist-specific rules and I would direct them to the forum/discord to make a report and/or get in contact with the CO council.

I would ask for their side and PM the arresting MP as well to see what happened, if they did break into the COs office then trespassing and DTGP is fine. If the MPs were in the wrong, I would send a fax and ensure the MPs involved are aware of whatever issue there was, which would likely involve an arrest ordered for FTFP as well.

Very dependent on the situation. I could offer reinforcements to get more players back in the game and push both sides to take more of an offensive.

Approving a nuke or AA boiler (though I have never seen this in use personally, I believe it is equivalent to a nuke) could force one side to take action.

If the numbers are very low and the marines are staying on the ship and xenos are not attacking, I could make use of a Bioscan and/or QM announcement to tempt both sides.

Message both sides, the overdose could simply be a mistake, they could be a new medic or they could believe Bicaridine OD still fixes IB. Shooting someone to death for overdosing someone on Bicaridine would be a note for IE. (Rule. 10)

Forgot to reply- oopsie. Anyways great answers, good use of investigation and managing yourself. I think you will be a good addition to the team +1 from me.

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Hello, I’ve seen you around IC and we’ve had a fair few rounds of fun in CIC together. I can see that you’re kind on the discord and calm in game. Both good qualities.

I like that you’ve marked communication, and being unbiased as important to being a moderator.

Instead of voting now, I’m going to ask a question about what you would do when everything goes wrong.

You have a staff report open against you for something you didn’t do. Members of the discord believe you did it. You have been pinged with accusations, or with people asking for answers for the last day or two. You’ve answered a few peoples questions. People are repeatedly, agitated, defensive, dismissive, or rude when asking these questions or talking about the report. What do you do?

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Hello, I have enjoyed our CIC rounds, happy to hear you think the same!

Regarding your question,
I would say that I didn’t do what I am being reported for (or something along the lines of there is more to the story) and ask everyone to hold their judgment and wait for logs to be posted.
Depending on how inflammatory the questions are, I would either hold off on answering any more or answer a few relevant questions (If applicable) that would not hinder the investigation process and then ask that people allow for the report to be dealt with by the team assigned to it.

I think this is an acceptable response.

At some point you probably need to get discord staff involved. Afterall, handling difficult discord situations is their job and as staff you are under no requirement to take repeated or prolonged verbal abuse from end users.

However like you’ve addressed, ignoring it, either through muting the discord or just calmly repeating yourself then stopping, is a good method to deal with situations like this.

+1 I’m happy with your answers and I think you’d make a decent candidate for the mod team.

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Hey there! Thank you for your application! Everything looks good! I’m pleased to welcome you to the team!

Please be sure you have DMs open, as I’ll be reaching out to you shortly to get you set up with perms and your trainer.

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