Lesser drones nerf

Yeah but it doesn’t matter if it leads to the same problem. UAV ghosts can ruin your flank by calling it out, but at least you can assume most players play in good faith and won’t do that, so you still kinda can risk it.

With it being a legitimate mechanic, your dreams of flanking will come to an end, because there will always be a dozen of hive ghosts patrolling all entrances (and they won’t have anything else of use to do).

So like, the situation becomes worse, not better. It’s like legalising homicide to improve crime statistics: statistics will be better, but it won’t solve the actual problem.


maybe if someone made building as a lesser more bearable they wouldn’t resort to suiciding constantly (giving someone a frac is more fun than waiting 20 seconds to build 3 doors)

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squints at a free spawn xeno yeah, the fact yall can build at all is astounding. also the feller who made lessers runs the TDM PVE - while I agree that CM is TDM no matter what staff says, free spawns only enforce my opinion

Then why would there even exist base strain drone in the first place? To exclusively spam sticky resin with a small niche of a plasma station worker for boiler? The main thing that base strain drone has is T1 building caste.

i have no idea where you pulled out the idea that we should buff lesser building to be equal to drones. i’m only saying that if we want to encourage lessers to do something else than suicide runs into the marine line, that we should make building more enjoyable for them because it’s the only other thing they can do

like first of all you need to wait 25 seconds to regenerate 300 plasma which is your cap. regular drones need to wait 22 to regenerate 1000 plasma. but they will do it much faster because they have access to medium pheros while you only have weak ones. 300 plasma doesn’t even equate to 2 walls because they each cost 120. you’re not building much and you’re doing it at a very slow rate. none of these things need to be equal to the drone (because yeah, they’re infinite and free) but they could use a tune-up of some sorts.

why wait almost half a minute to build 3 walls when it’s much more fun to run into a mob of marines and cause them to light each other up?

ideally someone would have a better vision for how lessers are supposed to function because i recall the original vision for them didn’t have them be suicide hordes, but something more akin to maintainers of the hive (someone please fact check me on this since it’s been a while since the idea of them came around)


If you buff it to the point it is no longer a super-slow chore and slugfest, then you have to cross the treshold of a drone.

If anything, I think they should be given resin membranes and something like a resin membrane door that they can build on their own anywhere on weeds and be fairly quick about making them. But then make it so if their resin membrane structures touch normal resin structure, they change after a while (or instantly) into normal resin structure.

This would fit the supposed “hive maintaner” while not replacing drone at their duties. Base strain drones could even be like mini-queens for lessers, so that they have to listen to any and thanks to cooperation they could build close to frontline normal resin walls faster under drone supervision, but not being able to do it on their own.

Also make them not explode on death, or maybe explode sometimes, otherwise change into an item simillarly like huggers do, that will melt in time to not give corpses to marines (as it is probably intended not to).

well some ammos can kill it quick, but a nerf his acid this sounds great.(that the all the purpose his useful to acid materias and die)

(nerfing all acid goop is the solution)