Let anyone with engineering skill craft jury rigged guns.

I think it’d be cool if you could use scraps from bullet/shell casings to create improvised ammo, which would be worse than standard but in higher quantity with engineering skill 1, by using a wrench on empty casings. Doing this would create a small sack of “recycled ammo” or something that you could combine with a sheet of metal and a length of wire, which would give you the option of making Improvised m39/m41a/buckshot/etc ammo. Maybe filling improvised shotgun shells with a sheet of plasteel could make improvised slugs.

With engineering 2, you could use metal, recycled ammo, more cables, and welder to make a scrap pistol, add wood and more metal to create a scrap Double Barrel.

Engineering 3 would allow you to commit a federal offense, but would require lots of “recycled ammo” and a full coil of cables, to have an equivalent of HEDP that is throwable and with a longer fuse.

we have so many ammo on almayer and ground i don’t see why people will do that…

since we can make by hand a metal baseball bat i don’t see an issue with allowing people to build more simple items by hand… maybe nails for the nailgun? more melee items(knifes etc…) shield made of metal etc to avoid getting pounce…

ammo seem a bit too complex to craft by hand without a proper workstation or equipment and materials…

adding manufacturing of ammo shipside could be a thing with a special fabricator…

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When you code and sprite it

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In concept it would make sense but it would require a decent amount of time and effort for a feature that, to be frank, would almost never be used. Survs have guns and ammo already, marines have plenty more, the only case I can really see this is if you somehow as a surv ended up without any combat equipment, in which you’re pretty much already dead.

If the guns were worse than stock no one would bother.

If they were better, every engineer would be hounded by try hards to make them meta guns.

So they have to be the same… and why bother.

I like the idea of recycling ammo though. I hate all the magazines evvvverywhere cluttering fobs.

I want them to be worse, for fun/flavor factor, i do not care about the meta sweats they can go enjoy their dumb bullshit, even if the weapons werent widely adopted that would be fine, because it would give those who do use it a unique part of their character. Imagine getting BE’d by a CO’s scrap shotgun and tell me you arent smiling.