Let marines email each other

A simple fun idea I had, log into a computer lab with your ID, and you can write emails to another player in round, and they can read it next time they join with that character, with a “you have mail” notification when they join. Admins can monitor email for rule breaking, and you can block someone from emailing you, which blocks all emails sent from that ckey. “oh hey i saw you do something cool but i couldnt find you” “oh hey what if we did this cool gimmick?” think of it as a soft way to metacommunicate in universe, to trash talk, plan gimmicks, etc.


IC emails i think would be awesome but im not sure ooc dms would be a good thing to implement.

If folks want to ooc dm i think that should just stick with discord.

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It’s time for CO email banter.

Let’s Fucking Go.


I think non persistent email would be fine. Kind of against it extending into ooc or other rounds.

If I’m not mistaken there’s already a few lore computers shipside and some of them have a non functional email. Would be a fun addition.

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This whole framework even already exists in SS13 through PDA’s and PDA servers that would store messages and which could be perused by an AI player, engineer, captain, etc. with access to the storage server.

Implementing this feature should be, theoretically, as ‘simple’ as porting over already existing PDA code from concurrent ss13 branches. The code might even still exist in CM, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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“Gramps has invited you for Bravo Poker” spammed at the end of every round

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