Let Queen (and nearby xenos maybe?) understand English

Pretty self explanatory, allow queen to understand human languages. Queen can already use psychic radiance/whisper to speak to marines, it makes sense if she could understand them too. It would also be nice for roleplay and would make it less one-sided.
I also suggest other xenos, or at least those to the queen, since they are a hivemind, and technically anything she understands they would too…this just saves the hassle of queen having to translate everything.

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Yeah, that could create some nice roleplay, especially with greenos, but I don’t think any marine would speak with the queen and instead go full UNGA MURDERBALL.

maybe not marines but CL or research could

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No, xenos are currently super LRP as it is. You don’t need to give them more reason to do so.


I think greenos can already understand english, which is another reason I was never sure why normal xenos don’t. You’re right though, most of the time marines just unga, but there’s sometimes rare occasions where a human tries to talk with us, like an outcast CL left behind begging for their life.
Or just sometimes if I’m interacting with caps in the hive or something, would make it a bit less one sided and more fun to know what they were saying in response

Me when 1hour slow mode
Still trying to figure out how to use this forum, to @Chimera how would letting queen understand humans make xenos LRP? If it’s LRP why can greenos do it?

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Greenos can only do it when research develops a chemical. It is not automatic. Chi has the correct take here.

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I’m against greenos understanding english too, I’m against greenos all together.

They are lrp as fuck too.


Get out of here, that’s how its used. There’s zero reason for xenos to be able to understand english, zero reason for synth to be able to understand xeno, so on and so forth. “Nooo don’t kill my synth friend! Queen banish War she killed my synth friend!”… “Noooo why did you the pizza man!!!”

“My rp” okay, none of these parties rp; that includes the synths. “Sorry xeno, I will make you a shot right away!” - The synth says in xeno and the xeno smiles. “The queen wants a backrub?” - The synth says to the xeno queen.

Cross conversation should just be removed and stay one sided. Just because it’s “rp” does not mean its acceptable rp.

The xeno players behave like talking dogs current in any interaction with any of these outside parties, and 90% of queens think it is such guuud rp to behave like a dumb dog doing tricks for a belly rub.

Hard pass. Remove xeno language from synths, remove english from all non-queen greenos.

Sad part is that the queen is supposed to also enforce the rp standards.


Research needs chemicals to understand the xenos, but I’ve spawned as an early greeno before and been able to understand all marines from birth, even the ones that didn’t have the drug and couldn’t understand us. If that’s because research had to give the queen a chemical or something I guess it makes sense?

Either way there’s a difference between understanding human language and being able to speak it. Even if y’all are against other xenos speaking/understanding, at least let the queen understand. If she has the ability to psychically reach into the minds of other beings, I just feel like logically it makes sense for her to understand them just as much as they can understand her, at least more sense than one-way telepathy

LRP and goofy, simple as really

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Man speaks the truth and rhymes.

Corrupted can always do it. Researcher make a Chem so they can understand them.


Bah, back in my day we used to have to use crayons and a large stick to communicate. Xenos were an unknown, temperamental things. We have taken the mystery out of the alien.


Back in your day, you weren’t even allowed to know what xenos are and had to fight against fifteen-years-old atmos code nobody understands as well, not?


And we were glad to even get that. Happier too.


This is your brain on smart boosters

Super based opinion.
I never understood the synth interacting with xenos at all. Never understood the xenos that interacted back either. So the game is set in a colony or space station that has been ravaged by xenos, you can tell from the map that there was a big fight of some kind with fortification made, there are survivors who are trying to claw their way to safety. And then the synth goes up to the xeno they have supposedly been fighting with and make em a drink at the bar.

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A very very long time ago there was a little trick discovered with the help of a scientist named amy lessen on an ancient boxstation in the traditional gaming sector; that for some unknown inexplicable reason, recorders could record the actual words an alien spoke, and then repeat the recordings in english so everyone could understand them.

And so began an era of xeno (e)RP, xeno queens riding janitor carts shooting tasers at the crew, and eventually, a server dedicated to eradicating the alien menace once and for all.