LinkAnakin - Job/Role Ban Appeal

LinkAnakin - Job/Role Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

Corbin Pennington

Type of Ban?

Job/Role Ban

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Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration

Job Ban

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What other servers do you play on?


Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?


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Reason for Ban:

Banned from Executive Officer - The player left the game without notifying the admins, and The player was reported to be inactive for the majority of the round. by nessiependragon (TrialModerator) on 2023-10-19 22:41:55 (ID: 19148)

Rule 8 - The player left the game as XO without notifying the admins, and was reported to be inactive for the majority of the round. by nessiependragon (TrialModerator) on 2023-10-19 22:47:53 (ID: 19148)

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Your appeal:

I would like to appeal this Job Ban, and at the same time recognize that I could have taken a moment to ahelp that I had to leave expeditiously. I started the round as Executive Officer, and was working with the CO in the CIC. I am unsure when the ban occurred, so I am unclear on the meaning of the ‘majority’ of the round as I was present and working until I had to leave due to an emergency call from my grandparents so that I could go help them. My grandfather had a fall and they needed some assistance taking him to the hospital to get looked over. I am typically a regular player as Executive Officer, and I cannot recall any instances of receiving a note or other problems during my gameplay. This was an extraordinary case, and I will send a quick ahelp going forward, even if it is just “LEAVING”. I do think that it is critical that higher level roles keep active during a round, as I have experienced rounds where we have limited staff. I would provide some additional context, that I was in CIC with the CO the last I knew prior to leaving, and expected him to toss me in a cryo cell when he noticed I was AFK. I will keep in mind that is not their responsibility going forward, and hope that we can come to a solution where I can continue to provide leadership as XO going forward. I will provide notices to admins going forward and hope that this context will enable the team to understand my rationale.


Handling within 48 hours.

Heya! Apologies for the delay.

Your appeal has been accepted.

Added appeal:approved and removed appeal:waiting