Loading Bar for Standing Up

What would you guys think about a visible loading bar for someone who is on the ground and standing up? This would both assist marines in not gunning their teammates down as they stand up after a lurker pounce, and would also alert the lurker of how much time they have before the marine stands up.

It’d reflect the fact that, in real life, we can see a person in the process of standing up.


If it adds an actual timer to stand up, then no. Experienced it in blackrock, and it was cancer where you could stunlock someone because you could always interupt them standing up.

I envision it as a simple indication tool, not changing any gameplay mechanics.

If its JUST a visual, then i don’t partucularly dislike it, its just that its gonna be a really fast one. Because standing up and laying down takes about 0.5 seconds or so in game.

Also, would this cover getting up from being pounced and such?

That’s literally the example ._.

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We’re regressing back to the funny clock sitting over your head from 2017 or whatever.

The past is now, young man.

The literal only reasons I could think of not tonadd this is because

  • It’s funny when someone gets shot, drops, recovers, stands up exactly when someone is shooting again, then drops dead.
  • It’s okay when I spam the resist button to get up to PB the Xeno that attacked me but infuriating when someone else does it to me.

Merge it tomorrow and the game would be that much better.

CM13 Stunlock Simulator 2k24

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Not a fan personally, I don’t think cm needs anymore effects

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If it was a timer that actually was a timer, like how most ss13 servers have circles/bars that fill with time instead of just a “this is processing” circle we have, and only shown to the player, it would be very nice.

CM doesn’t communicate a lot of stuff that would be obvious to your character/that other servers do and the game is worse off and feels more unreliable for it

For the player only? Hell yeah, no reason why not. For anyone else? Only an icon half a second before marine/xeno actually stands up.
Yes, it should both for marines and xenos.
Or an icon “I want to stand up” with mechanical change that you have to click rest button (default “u”) every time you get stunned for that icon to appear half a second before you actually can stand up and then click “u” again to actually stand up.

Might be however confusing to newbies and a bit of a buff for sentinel, but a buff to small explosion stuns and slugs.