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Thanks to some distractions I forgot to add that a user also reacted with the images of the minor with “The clussy” which already shows how the community is when posting such stuff

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This summarize very well my thought on the current discord situation.


Don’t forget about mocking a fucking tragedy that BBC News reported an estimate of 10.000 deaths in the Tiananmen Square, Beijing at China, which is also against discord ToS and a breach by saying “It didn’t happen” also denies the tragedy that happened and indirectly you’re supporting said act in which is another ToS breach, in this case of supporting extreme violent acts (roughly translated since I am forced to view discord ToS in Spanish). If I remember correctly, we have a special rule about ToS breaches being an instant unappeable 30 day ban or permaban, but that part is a bit foggy on me.

While I’m not touching the goth girl situation with a ten-foot pole, you do know that the Tienanmen square ‘not happening’ is a reference to China’s censorship of the incident, right?

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No wayy I got off context’d like lanche :blush: you flatter me Arty :heart: . I remind you during those years we had no such thing as ToS bans in the CM discord and rules were more relaxed, and obviously, I was and always been a CM normal player, not to forget that screenshot is from 3 years ago and one month approximately, people can change both mentally and physically, you should specially know that ^^.
While we are in the topic of targeted harassment, I guess you really love that, remember when you said racial slurs in current events? Specifically “cracker”

It seems like you deleted your messages, you cannot delete the messages of others :slight_smile:
And this is kinda recent too!


Can you both stop, if you want to have an actual conversation about your concerns, derailing it into the deathmatch thing here isn’t going to help.

The CM of 2023 is not the CM of 2019/2020


In response to me highlighting you wanting Grim to get in trouble for a joke you made yourself, and evidence that you clearly knew the context of joke but wanted to get them in trouble anyways . . . in context of a reference to a massacre from 1989. This is after the previous forum about people being mad they were banned for pointing-out a modern day atrocity that has affected members of our community.

Thusly, to discredit me, you posted my “targeted harassment” of . . . colonists three centuries in the dirt rather than a series of forum posts against someone or a ‘slur’ you’re allowed to say on Discord, and the news? I feel like this is really distracting from how terrible staff is, and how they refuse to take action on anythi-

Oh, wait: nobody who had an issue with this actually made a report because I’m . . . trans? As a matter of fact, five of the seven people who cared at all have been banned for reasons ranging from transphobia, to harassment, to racism. Most of them couldn’t even make a report because they said ‘cracker’ or versions of it 3-10 times more than I did in just three months!

It’s not that deep. If you dislike Grim, or my gay ass . . . just make a report. I’m genuinely curious what making a series of crusading posts against some guy who likes to grill and talk about anime is supposed to accomplish.

Apologies. I reckon I’ll get back to FTL: Multiverse, which is probably the most fun I’ve had with a modded experience in my life, and I recommend to long-time fans of FTL and the roguelite genre whole-heartedly.

Ok soldier we’ll be good boys now, considering I put my point and this is a battle of who Ctrl Fs harder (I am in disadvantage here)

Rules are rules, zero tolerance, no exceptions. If a guy makes a rule breaking joke he gets banned right? Yeah! (Imagine that I put my :YEA: emoji

A slur is a slur right?

Reports aren’t needed when a staff has obviously witnessed a rule infraction, which happened several times, but if you scroll down on this Ctrl F you’ll see a part conversation of selective banning!

“Sorry we don’t accept reports that are older than 2 days!” Or something like that, but hey, the images are there posted there!!!

Anyways this battle of Ctrl Fs has been very interesting but I am busy right now getting all the Black Mesa achievements and as soldier siad, CM of 2023 is not the CM of 2019/2020. I guess that is that since I don’t remember asking for your opinion :kissing_heart:

Ok soldier we’ll be good boys now

. . . didn’t you just post a screenshot of me with she/her in my name and acknowledge I was trans?

Muscle memory sorry!!! I am also busy doing other stuff.

and girls : D


I’m mentioned here for whatever reason but I don’t think it should be a surprise when you get banned for accusing someone of being a pedophile for posting an meme that has someone who may be a teenager in it. It’s nasty to try to twist something like that.