LV-522 Needs to Have an Overhaul

I’m sure many of you get complaints about maps and such. With that being said, I have counted the amount of entrances into the reactor on the north side of the map on LV-522. There are only FIVE entrances into the northern area of the map. All of them save the eastern path are two spaces wide. The only way to to widen a choke is through OB or CAS. I have to say this now. This is possibly the worst map I have ever seen in CM. I love having more maps to play. However, we need to balance them so they are enjoyable to play from all sides. This is why LV-624 is the most popular. It’s very simple and straight forward. LV-522 needs some proper overhaul to fix these chokes. If that is part of the map design and will not be changed, then I believe this map should taken out of the voting pool. Thanks to the admins and devs for their ongoing hard work on making CM very enjoyable for many!

I don’t mean to be that bitch, but nonetheless: on every server I play I am either attracted to medical . . . or engineering. I’ve broken into, or secured, just about everything SS13 can offer.

With that being said, Chance’s Claim is one of the single metal-richest maps in the entire game. As a matter of fact, I think it is the most be-metal’d map in the entire game. Where most other maps have sand or cave/hull walls or grass, 552 has window frames, chainlink fences, and furniture. Here is a single building and common hold point, and also a reason to dump all of your metal at the LZ to save room for breaching charges. Each green dot is a single wrench click for metal, and each yellow dot is around seven seconds of effort often for more metal.

What I intend to illustrate with this is that if the marines have any sense, then they will be easily able to autismo-fort each and every individual building on the way to those few entrances to the reactor portion of the map.

As for “the only way to widen a choke”, you aren’t utilizing your tools. LV-624 is so popular because it restricts so many tools: It’s wide areas that can’t be weeded and are easy to bombard, then wide areas that can be weeded and prove some resistance, and then caves. When there are chokes, they’re all cave walls that can’t be opened regardless of what forces you have on your side. You either win in the first hour because either side got rolled, or it goes on for three hours because people couldn’t hold themselves the the basest of strategies and tactical play and lost all their momentum.

Likewise, LV-522 is full of hellchokes that can only be solved with OBs or CAS . . . or thermite when there’s nearly zero reason to utilize the chem lockers past roundstart and there’s an empty reagent tank, or all the C4 and ammo regularly sent to the FOB and rarely used which can take the walls down with brute force, or how you can have a near-infinite amount of rifle rounds for the entire effort of collapsing an empty shotgun shell box someone left behind and taking three minutes to fill an ammo crate and dump an HPR or MK2 into some walls for a few minutes . . . or shit, just take a couple engis to it with a set of tools. You shouldn’t be relying on command and one pilot to do all the work for you.

Play smarter. Communicate more. “Oh, but nobody talks to eachother!” Start a trend that isn’t abusing the meta and get people talking. LV-522 is one of the best maps we have and people would notice that if they kicked the habit of giving up on any map that isn’t as simple as

  1. Force Bravo to fortify the LZ and don’t interact with them for the next two hours.
  2. Rush the middle of the map and force someone else to fortify it so the other glorious heroes of the USCM can be the main characters and skirmish.
  3. Push caves and either firing-line the queen in a corner or die and blame command for bad orders or for the dregs of your squad not pulling your mangled corpse all the way back to safety for revive.


EDIT: I apologize if this came-off as overly hostile and aggressive. It was not intended as a personal attack against you, Brunsw. I was carried away in an expression of frustration against a larger issue with the CM playerbase, and that was unfair to you. I hope my tone didn’t cause any worry or offense.


Not particularly worth addressing with how over the place the post is. Skill issue. The map’s already being overhauled to fix this with plenty of alternative ways and entrances you can push.

Yeah and? OB or CAS one of the chokes and it’s free real estate. Now compare it to chokes on other maps and how often you can’t even JTAC these or doing so is highly irrelevant because there’s another choke right after or the space you gained is easily retaken (lambda and the courtyard being the prime example).

“Only”. If all maps had at least this much CM would be in a better place.


Can we just take this map out of rotation already.
Most rounds I’ve seen in recent memory on this map are a 5 hour stalemate slog. It’s just an infinite cycle of marines dying at reactor chokes, followed by xenos dying at the FOB, because both sides of the map are too strongly favored to their respective parties.

It’s a cool map, and it looks really good in terms of aesthetic, but the way rounds actually play out on it presently isn’t too great.

Chances makes me post this copypasta out of irony now lol:
I miss the good old fashioned, hard-fought, tooth-and-nail struggle to survive 4 hour rounds. Where did they go? When can we get another actually good game of CM where marines don’t evac at 40 mins when they could win planetside? When xenos aren’t just out to speedrun victory by instantly pushing marines back after they land, wasting the hour of work I put into fortifying the caves into a labyrinth of nightmares? Why are we playing? What are we doing here? What’s the point of playing the game if the only reason you’re doing it is to hijack in 35 minutes, just to waste another half hour waiting for shuttle to take you shipside, and then wait 20 minutes between games for the server to reset just to do it again? What the fuck is the rush? Why can’t y’all just chill and hold back for a bit, let the round take its course. Just wanna have some fun goddamn it