M2019 and Variations

Just an idea to implement the M2019 and its variants into the game

The M2019 could be given to the lower members of command, such as the DP, SO, CE, RO, MW, CMP

The PKL variant could be given to the XO

And the M2049 could be for the CO

The gun isn’t overpowered, it’s similar to a M44, but just looks different. The stats are as follows for the ammunition,
Capacity: 7

Damage: 60.5

Max Range: 22

Fall off: 1

Penetration: 5

Punch: 0.5

The ammunition is the same for all variants.

The gun statistics are as follows.

Recoil Wielded: 1

Recoil Unwielded: 3

Scatter Wielded: 3

Scatter Unwielded: 7

Burst Scatter Multiplier: 4

Burst Amount: 2

Effective Range: N/A

Firerate: 300 RPM

Burst Firerate: 300 RPM

Accuracy Wielded: 7.2

Accuracy Unwielded: 5.1

The firerate is faster than the M44, but this is a weapon that would be for non-combat roles, more as a decorative and honorable piece that they could have.

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Is that the gun from BladeRunner? Going to have to disagree with this one.


It is. It is already added to the game, just unavailable.

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It does not fit as a marine gun.

Also, giving officers their own special guns that no one else has is bad, they should use the same things as everyone else.


I agree with this. Out side of events it should be off limits.

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True but I would instead add it to a gun you can get from the black market because we have UPP gun and PMC gun even old USCM guns which are legal. What I am saying here is that adding it into the guns that you can get from the Black market people that want to use it still can.