Make the M41A MK1 available at prep BUT...

Aliens is one of my favorite films and is a big factor as to why I enjoy playing CM. The mk1 pulse rifle is one of the most iconic scifi firearms in film and it would be nice to have it more available on CM.

At the moment the MK1 can be acquired with limited numbers from Req, but I want it to be available for everyone from the squad prep vendor.
Obviously giving marines a 95 round magazine is a buff, so I suggest some lore-friendly balances for it.

  1. The mk1 was replaced due to having feeding issues with the 95 round magazine. This can be featured in game in order to balance the huge magazine capacity.
  2. Make the mk1 have no attachments available except the foldable stock and UGL. This would still make the mk2 a viable option especially for those who prefer the use of attachments. Plus the “stock” mk1s aesthetic wouldn’t be unique anymore once it has attachments on it like the mk2

Overall, I just want to be able to pretend I’m in the Aliens movie wielding my MK1 blasting away at aliens, but req always runs out of mk1s.


I like the idea of giving the mk1 to everyone but I don’t like the idea of it having feeding issues

RNG mechanics in fighting games are generally a bad idea and having to clear your weapon in combat because of a random event is really annoying and frustrating

I’d recommend just having req start with the mk1 kits and vendors that have the usual amount of 95 round magazines, and then the squad preps only have the 40 round magazines. Make it so the Mk1s have an adapter for Mk2 magazines that reject Mk1 magazines. These come default with every rifle in the squad prep and take longer than usual to remove as to incentivize not combat hot-swapping between Mk1 and Mk2 mags


add Mk1 kit to the point buy racks for 35 points (it’s 30pts for AE2 as rifleman, Mk1 is arguably higher tier but not crazy unless Req buy AP mags)
no negatives need to be added, it already has limited attachments

R.I.P. HMG / AE2 supposedly limited to req. Now the req lines will double in length and triple in agony

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I’d honestly just rather have an M16 and like 8 mags for it for 45 points, so I can go to space 'nam.

Feeding issues are a no-no; I can almost guarantee you that’d kill the MK1 for the most part.


Easier to access Mk1 through point buying would be nice, but the general vibe I get is the Mk1 is some older tech that is not meant to be accessible with req just having some leftover kits.

I’d rather not nerf the Mk1 just to make it more available.

I agree that it being nerfed just makes it mk2 but extended mags. I want it to remain limited and unique.


Correct response. Keep it the unique gun it is. But I do understand the desire.

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Make MK1 groundside only spawn.

We’ve already been here before, it used to be apart of the veteran kit. We don’t need every rifleman running around with 95 round mags, feed issues or not.

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