Making predators come down from their stinky ivory tower

Preds are cool, but it is weird how much their RP standards have been enforced over the years compared to the other major roles, who are all somewhat goofy and somewhat lore breaking. I have had an idea to make them more accessible to the common baldie: Make a vanilla ss13 esque antag roll for them, like specialist, and on “Predator” rounds, you can get 1-3 Thinblooded predators, with less robust physiology, and no advanced gear, aside from cloak. Force thinbloods to fight honorably in melee combat by disabling cloaked melee. These preds are implanted with a microbomb to kill them if they go unconscious or are captured, and whitelisted preds can kill them at any time if they prove to be shitters.\

Thinbloods have the goal of proving themselves by finding a suitable target (robust marine, xeno, etc) and bringing its skull back to the blooded predators, maybe requiring a xeno kill of worth before they’re allowed to go hunt humans. They can be monitored IC or OOC to make sure they don’t breach basic RP ettiquette or give away their gear. This could also be a good trial for Pred WLs. Most people are fine with RP when it comes to ert, I rarely see anyone acting too out of character for the role, and with maybe slightly more moderating this could be an enriching experience for everyone.

So, lore dump to explain this. The neroid sector has seen a large influx of new soft prey on a big fancy human ship, and the local yautja decide to even the odds by requesting unproven and untested trainee warriors to the battlefield to learn the hunt firsthand. They can be directly mentored by more experienced yautja, or given specific targets, and must blood themselves by slaying a serpent to prove their worth to the clans.

As they are unproven and may become a liability if captured, they are all implanted with explosives and given primitive (for them) gear, as well as a more basic honor code that would prevent the worse excesses of bad blood hunting. All experienced hunters are permitted to slay them at any time if they put the hunt in jeopardy or otherwise dishonor the lodge. Thin bloods may not stick together, as this is an individual test of martial skill.

Thin bloods have not been extensively trained in the use of specialist hunting gear and are issued mundane hunting weapons, with traps, glaives, wristblades, and the like issued to lower the risk of their equipment being reverse engineered and preventing reliance on more powerful gear. Their bodies are not as developed and their senses not as keen. Thin bloods are slower, weaker, more frail, etc than normal predators. More than a match in single combat with a marine or t1 but will struggle against more powerful foes. They have no healing crystals and may not use human equipment outside of whatever is absolutely neccesary to complete their hunt. Upon successful completion of a hunt, a Yautja thinblood may be granted discretionary access to more powerful gear as a reward for a hard won victory, and a successful hunt against the serpent should grant them some sort of bonus as a blooded hunter.

I really like the idea of playing as a predator but I am not very robust and I think this would make playing them more approachable. Let me know what you think or give your own suggestions to make pred more accessible.


I think your idea is closer to bad bloods.

You could try to argue that a group of Predators captured some bad bloods, and decided (for whatever reason) that instead of executing them on the spot, they instead gave them a melee weapon (that is not considered pred-tech so Preds don’t go Almayer hunting), planted a microbomb in them that detonates when they are unconcious/infected and dumped them on a hunting ground to die in.

At least then you have a reason why you’d have 1 to 3 random bad blood Predators RNG show up on a map. Though I’d make it they can only deploy after 22 mins when Marines deploy so its not just Xenos only.

I don’t know if its a good or bad idea, but I do agree that Predators could do with a shakeup in how they interact with the round. This isn’t it, but its one random Ideaguys.

Honestly this sounds amazing. Having an initation ritual for every new pread player like this would be fucking awsome. I dont mind if pred players think they are hot shit, but at least let them prove there metal first. Then you have a reason to feel like they are better. Because they proven they are.
Also, you would tie the boring OOC stuff where you try and apply for a whitelist position in with ingame RP events. Wich would be awsome. Also it would give experinced pred players a good opertunity to teach new pred players. All tied up in a nice little event thing.

Also, side note. How awsome would it be to play casually a round and suddently be pulled to the side by a pred and told “Your so kick ass i want to battel you to prove i am worthy for my titel”
Try and tell me anyone would not like that, i dare you.

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It is pretty stinky up there @stalkerino is there


Suggestion had effort
Suggestion brought a good idea
Suggestion would be fun to play
Verdict: bad suggestion

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Cool idea. Antithetical to what preds are right now and the direction they’re currently moving in.

It’s not that the ideas bad it’s that you won’t easily sell it to your target audience, the pred council and pred players.

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@stalkerino Where you at?

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not a big fan of the whitelist

i am awesome

I believe if someone with the coding skills came down and wrote up an extensive design document detailing how they would overhaul the concept of a Predator, perhaps even integrating it into the round more fairly or even generating an entire game-mode based around HvP or XvP, then I think you’d be on to something.