Maximus Rex - Player Report: Elder Ordorak Oathbreaker, Predator Honorcode - Spirit of the Whitelist

Maximus Rex - Player Report: Elite Ordorak Oathbreaker, Predator Honorcode - Spirit of the Whitelist

What’s your BYOND key?

Maximus Rex

Round ID:


Your character name:

Larry Corneliolious

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Elder Ordorak Oathbreaker

What rule(s) were broken?:

Predator Honorcode - Spirit of the Whitelist

Description of the incident:

The incident occurred towards the end of the round. I was pushing with the main marine force towards the hive after three grueling hours of combat, and first contact with Ordosan was while I was around a screen or so east of the front. Ordo decloaked and engaged me in normal attack, where I drove him off after sustaining light injuries. I remained in the area to cover the backside of the marines, where Ordo re-engages a second time and wounds me severely before I drive him off with fire and heavy damage. I manage to limp my way back to the marine frontline, where we had medics and barricades protecting us. I suffered from a broken chest and heavy brute damage, but I was still conscious.

It was at this point where Ordosan did something clearly against the good faith spirit of being a predator. Because of the density of people and the amount of friendly fire in the area, I had lied down to allow the medic to work on me. As I’m checking my inventory and reading comms, I’m suddenly being dragged. Ordo chose this moment to strike, taking me out of the marine controlled area into to dark to the east. I stand up in a panic, and before I can draw my weapon, Ordo has finished me off.

Ordosan thought it was appropriate to enter our fortified area in a gap in our barricades, rip me away from the medic treating me, and then kill me before I had a chance to respond. What could have been a series of damn good fights, or even some good RP, ended in what felt like to me a cheap way to rack up honor. Hell, another predator who watched the exchange disparaged Ordo the entire time for what he did. Not only was it poor sportsmanship, it goes against the code regarding frontline disruption and avoiding hunts in fortified positions.


I unfortunately don’t run shadowplay, and wasn’t in the state of mind to take screenshots.


Right, Larry. As I spoke in the Pred WL chat about it with Survivor/Lance, I will get my side out.

We had a good fight, I will admit to that. The circumstance you are reporting. I will agree that I made a poor judgement on my side. I disengaged to jump out of the fire and ran around the other side to reengage you immediately after.

However, what occurred to me was that I suddenly got hit by a slowdown and lost heavy blood. I wasn’t in crit and had enough health that I shouldn’t have been hit by a slowdown. I examined myself and what I saw was an ‘open incision’. I wasn’t exactly sure where this came from. I asked in Pred Chat about it to clarify how I could have had it. As I suffered a large amount of blood loss.

I looked up from my mask and saw you on the floor flashing red. I presumed you were in critical health and therefore I went ahead to get you. This is not unheard of and has happened in the past. However, this time it was my poor judgement. I thought you were in critical health completely and weren’t getting back up. Even then, I would have left you to heal back up if it wasn’t for the Xenos pushing that front hard.

Therefore, I do agree that I did poor judgement on that side of things. However, I wasn’t killing you to rack up my honor. I saw you perform good attacks on the Xenos and marked you for the hunt. I do not care for the Honor Point system. It is just a number.

Now, this part. I grabbed you while cloaked to avoid as much disruption as possible. I wasn’t attacking anyone inside the cadeline. I also approached from a side that Xenos weren’t on to avoid allowing the Xenomorphs an easy way in. If I engaged people inside the cadeline to get your corpse. That would be most certainly a breach.

I understand the fact that I was noticed can be taken as the fact I disrupted the frontline. However, I was on the side that had the least amount of problems at the time and avoided majorly disrupting the fight.

This was when I first went up. There were 25 signatures on the ship and 1 body. I went after the one that was showing on my tracker. It pointed me to the Req Line where I saw a fully geared person. I killed them in the req line and then the CT came to attack me which I damaged but left alone. I took the body and took the gear piece back.

During my entire stay on the ship. I only killed 8 people. 3-4 of those were MPs that were hunting me. There was a mix-up with a doctor during the round which I spoke to an admin about. A doctor was standing on the same tiles as a Working Joe. Assumed the doctor had the gear and killed him and tried to take the gear back. Found out they didn’t have it and chucked it at the nearest friendly so they could be recovered.

I went back to medical where I saw the working Joe and stealthily removed his satchel to avoid more chaos. I am not sure why a Working Joe had a clan mask in his satchel. I believe that was possibly a Working Joe breach but I am not sure and will have to speak to the Synthetic Council as to why the Working Joe had a clan mask in his satchel which led to one of the doctors’ deaths.

I never deployed the HPC or any weaponry that would cause chaos onboard the ship. I only fought the people that had gear or were trying to kill me at the time. Therefore unless you are mistaking me for another Yautja. I did the least amount of Havoc on the ship.

Hell, even when I went up to track an item in CIC, I stealthily took the hunting pouch from the CIC that was on the table without attacking anyone in CIC. Therefore, I avoided causing damage as much as possible.

Therefore, I do agree that I did a poor judgement on the finishing Larry due to the circumstances that occurred. I probably should have left him and let the round decide the fate.

I am not sure, however, where the shipside disruption comes from as I avoided causing chaos as much as I could.