Medeelel18 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - MorrowWolf

Medeelel18 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - MorrowWolf

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Sergeyevich ‘Omsk’ Morozov

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What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

Honestly, I dont understand why I was EORG banned.

The only thing I was doing at end of round was shooting dead queen corpse as SG, which is common for most rounds be it and t3 xenomorph corpse. Im unsure why this prompted an EORG ban. If it had something to do with the 3-5 people who got killed while the people were shooting it I’d completely understand however I did not actually contribute to it or particapate. I only shot it when I could be absaloutely sure that no xeno acid blood was spilling on other marines, although there were several HPR users who managed to ff several others and kill many others indirectly or directly.

I dragged a unconsciuous marine from the queen corpse who was getting splashed by acid blood, and moved a marine who was in the firing line of many others by one tile to try and mitigate ff from the others. However I dont think I actually contributed any wrongdoing to this as I have IFF, its common practice for almost every single end of round, and even though I wasnt responsible for any xeno blood FF or direct FF I did my best to prevent then from getting killed by it.

Im sure my admin record doesn’t show much good conduct, especially when you look at it from beyond 4 months ago where getting notes and bans was common for me every few weeks, but im actively trying to clean up my admin record and set a good precedent for my future games. I’ve maintained a good record since my past ban, with around 4 months and counting of clean and records ingame but I genuinely did not try to (or to my knowledge) do any wrongdoing here, or even understand why I was banned for this. Im not trying to play dumb or anything, I geniunely dont know.


I have a 5 minute recording on GE-Force, however It only captured the last 20 seconds or so of the ‘incident’ and did not showcase any people being ff’d or anything that could be as a reason for me to be EORG’d so I dont think it qualifies as evidence, but if you want it anyways ill be happy to upload it to youtube as unlisted so you can take a look at it.

Five people died from the acid splash off the queen’s corpse.

I did not have anything to do with it, I didnt shoot when marines were next to it. It should show in logs that I did not dual wield my gun when there were marines next to the corpse, ill get some screenshots but the logs only go so far on my end…

I only start shooting after the marines died, (I moved a corpse from my side, but I couldn’t grab the corpse on the other side since there were like 3 hprs who didnt stop shooting)

Hey there, not sure wether this proves anything but maybe it does (?) but here you can see that in the logs it does not say I fired my SG prior to the death of the two marines. The doctor on top died from FF from a mk1 who somehow managed to hit them with their bullets (and probably some splash) and the spotter on the bottom right got killed by a pulse rifle as well as he walked into the firing line of the delta SL (I think it was him at least)

During the incident I was talking in OOC (You can see in bottom right my cursor is in the chat section, I was scrolling up and down in OOC looking at messages)Logs should show I dragged a body and moved someone, also telling them to stop. Its only AFTER the corpses were cleared in where I shot the queen corpse, I dont recall hitting anyone with acid splash.

I dont understand why you are saying:

As from the way I see it, it doesnt actually prove I didnt do anything. Additionally, Im fairly certain there were 2 (or 1) marines who died while I was bandaging after flak damaged me. From what I see, and from my narrative (which does not include what you saw or what others have seen it as) I see the EORG being applied merely for being there and shooting the queen corpse and getting EORG’d, on the assumption that I was responsible for acid splash despite the only evidence you have presented being that 5 people died and I happened to be there.

I really made an effort and did my work in making sure that as little as people died, and I dont recall doing any FF. (Although I do recall I think the person wearing the backpack next to me dying from acid splash) was when I wasn’t shooting, as I joined later in logs when I said something along the lines of: “cant complain”. It was something like that but I cant remember exactly) If someone could pull chatlogs and combat logs it would be nice and appreciated.

Sorry if im posting a lot of messages, im trying to get my cluttered memory and find some evidence but I have next to 0 since I didnt snap the recording in time as I only did it when I bothered to open the eorg report.

Let me be clear, I saw deaths from dchat. I jumped over. I saw a ring of people firing at the queen (and over the queen).

Anyone firing on the queen when I got there got an EORG as I saw acid flying all over and on people.

Anyone I saw shooting others, because they can’t click an immobile object, got an EORG.

Next time during end of round, try talking to someone. Tell’em a story about the round. Ask how their operation went. Make some shit up about the colony you’re from. Or just sit in a corner if you can’t help yourself.

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Reason I made this appeal was since I thought that this EORG was applied was I was under the false impression that I was banned banned for ‘directly’ contributing the several marines who died, however you have made it more than clear here that it was not the point and the reason I got banned for EORG was due to my particapation in the ‘event’. I also made this appeal since I thought that this would tarnish what im trying to do right now with keeping a clean record, but I really do hope this doesnt effect it too much since im not trying to show im perhaps still the guy that got banned twice in a month for IE. (How heavily will this EORG ban weigh in on my record if you dont mind me asking?)

You have provided well enough reasoning (even though my view of it is a bit “harsh”) and I dont want to dispute a 3 hour ban (which is so insignificant which im not even completely 100% sure that im correct in given your response) that had already been expired especially considering while I do not fully agree with what you said, you do make sense and a 3 hour ban for contributing to the chaos which lead to the deaths of many marines has on some part happened because of myself. And yeah, I guess it is pretty LRP to shoot the queen corpse especially after several marines just got their asses kicked by ff and xeno blood. Thank you for taking a look at the ticket and your fast responses, you can consider this closed (please do, unless someone else wants to say something or you want to say something else). Have a good evening.

Just for your ease of mind EORG bans have no effect on your record when it comes to applications or whatever else.

Withdrawn and closed on request of poster.