Medical Simulator

This is a pretty heavy ideaguy-ey post since it’s quite a large suggestion and I have absolutely no idea how it would be done, but a medical simulator in medbay that allows you to train your medical (duh) skills seems like it could be pretty beneficial for rapidly improving at medicine. What I’m thinking is something like how the OT or PO sims work, where you load a simulation where your patient is in whatever condition and you need to heal them in some amount of time or they die or chestburst or however fast you can.

As I said this is really ideaguy-ey since I have no idea of how hard it would be to make, it’s more of just something I thought would be neat and if it could be made reasonably and a maintaner wanted to make it, I think it could be quite nice.

You could probaly just ask admemes for a dummy?

Yeah, Johannes is right. Just ask for a dummy. Really, though, the dummy should just be something MedBay just has, with no need to ask the admins for it.


Ah shit, didn’t know that existed. Guess this is already solved.