Mentor Application - OldManJenkins364

Mentor Application - OldManJenkins364

Byond CKEY:

Discord ID:

Character Name(s):
Aden ‘Houdini’ Begum
Suppose I were to get SEA, my only alternative character would be see and would be
GySgt Hannibal ‘Hark’ Morgan

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:
Well, I’m an old bastard and like teaching people new things. I have retired from the Marine Corps as an E-7. During my time in the marines I got put on my ass a lot, but I also got used to listening and learning. By the time I had been promoted to E-5, I Had fully learned the most efficient methods of teaching my marines to complete certain tasks. I hope that I can transfer my experience to CM and just get a little bit of that in my relatively boring life.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:
Well, I’ve gotten pretty good at most everything as a marine with the exception of science. Still figuring that one out. As for anything else, such as medical systems and the in-depth engineering systems, I have gotten to be most well acclimated with those.

How often are to able to play CM?:
Almost every day. I’m retired and work a part time job.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:
Overall Human Time: 165 hours
Maintenance Technician 35.3 hr
Chief Engineer 23.5 hr
Ordnance Technician 18.6 hr
Mess Technician 15.2 hr
Squad Leader 12.0 hr
Military Police 11.4 hr
Corporate Liaison 8.4 hr
Military Warden 7.6 hr
Dropship Crew Chief 5.1 hr
Squad Rifleman 4.8 hr
Nurse 3.5 hr
Pilot Officer 3.1 hr
Intelligence Officer 2.7 hr
Squad Hospital Corpsman 2.6 hr
Researcher 2.4 hr
Squad Combat Technician 2.3 hr
Squad Radio Telephone Operator 1.8 hr
Squad Smartgunner 1.3 hr
Squad Weapons Specialist 1.3 hr
Survivor 1.2 hr
Cargo Technician 0.6 hr
Combat Correspondent 0.5 hr
Staff Officer 0.5 hr
Bunker Crew 0.3 hr

Overall Xeno Time: 4 hours
Assorted small percentages, with the exception of 1 hour as sentinel.,

Anything else you’d like to add?:
As I said, I do have real life experience that I can apply into the role if necessary.

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What was your MOS then?

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  1. Mostly attatched to Expeditionary Units. Failed out of the jungle survival training school. No excuse there, thought it would be fun.
    It wasn’t.
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  1. You are mentoring a freshly spawned rifleman that is familiar with SS13 but has never played CM before. How do you get them ready for deployment? What CM elements are important to focus on? Which are less important and can be left as attention/time permits?

  2. As above, but the rifleman has never played SS13 before. What additional steps would you take in this case?

  1. Supposing he is completely fresh and walking around naked, I would first take him to his prep where I would get him kitted up, and explain to him what is happening. (He has just woken up from cryo sleep and is expected to get his kit and go to the briefing to explain his mission. I would also explain to him the squad he’s in.). I would make sure to focus first on things that he would surely be unfamiliar with, like the kit he needs to grab and what these items do. Suppose he’s a latejoiner, which he likely is, I would explain to him that the dropship takes him back and forth to the battlefield, the things he is required to do on said battlefield, and possibly take him to the range to make sure he is competent with his weapon. After making sure he’s mostly well versed with the core marine systems of combat, movement, and following orders, and avoiding unnecessary things like advanced medical, engineering and other systems that he could learn on his own. I would make sure he gets to the battlefield where he can be ushered by people like his SL and fellow marines.

  2. If he’s new to SS13, I would follow a similar routine as above with the following additions.
    Insuring he knows the hud and what it means.
    Making sure he can actually speak.
    Explaining to him IC and OOC.
    Explaining to him his role in the marines. (A grunt made to go shoot xenos.)
    Explain to him how basic movement works, as well as picking things up and interacting with his environment.
    From there, show him how to equip himself, teach him about his items and weaponry, teach him about intent and their meanings, and teach him very basic marine law and server rules.
    I would also teach him about the chat bar, comms, announcements and just general communication, cause I’ve noticed newbies who struggle with those systems.

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First off, thank you for your service! Secondly I would like you to answer some questions in the from of Mhelps.

  • When I click on a vending machine or computer the window doesn’t pop up, or pops up blank. How do I fix that?

  • I’m a smartgunner right now. Which ammo type should I use and what do both do?

  • How can I tell if CAS or an OB will be able to hit where I’m lazing?

  • How do I laze stuff for CAS and for mortars, OBs, and supply drops?

  • What’s the difference between the lifesaver belt and the medical belt. It looks like the lifesaver one is just better.

  • Hey I just found the synth dead. How do I fix it?

  • How do I get into the secure armories?

  • I have a recipe for a chem, but one of the chems I need to mix to make it isn’t on the wiki how do I get it?

  • I was just shot and killed by a guy. Can you do something?

  • I want to do a mutiny against the CO. Can I?

If something is unclear please feel free to ask and I can reword said question.
Best of luck!

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Well, theirs three fixes I can think of off the top of my head. For one, and I do this all the time, make sure you don’t have an item in your hand. That will make the game think your trying to use the item on the machine. If that doesn’t work, and the window doesn’t pop up, you can navigate to the OOC tab and use the “Fix Interfaces” And that should do the trick. Lastly, if neither of those work, insure the area the machine is in is being powered by a local APC.

Hell yeah! Smartgunner is a fun time. For ammo types, you have two options. Precise, and armor shredding. For the most part they are pretty self explanatory. Precise ammo is, as it says, more percise. You might not notice much of a difference when your firing, but the ammo is more percise in targeting the specific part of the body your targeting. So it won’t look different, however you will get much more damage in the part you want! Ammo shredding is different in that its lacks the precise properties, however it is much more efficient against heavily armored targets like warriors, defenders, and ravagers.

In order to see whether or not your target will be effective, that requires you to examine the ground to determine the ceiling type of that area. Say you examine the ground, and it says that its in the open or has a glass ceiling, that means CAS and OB will easily reach the target area. However, if it informs you that the target is located in a cave, that means that the CAS, OB, or Supplies won’t be able to reach the target.

First off, your going to want to get your hands on a laser designator which can be found in appropriate racks such as the SL or acquired from req. Once you have one, you have two modes to manage. Rangefinder mode, and CAS mode. Rangefinder mode allows you to get the coordinates of an area, which you can send through JTAC in order to bombard an area with OB or Mortars as well as order supply drops. The second mode, CAS mode, allows you to designate a location for a flyby run in one of the dropships so that they can provide close air support.

Have you ever been a normal rifleman, and gotten wounded in battle, only to have your medic save you? Have you ever noticed a time when he had to drag you all the way back to FOB to patch you up? This is due to his lifesaving belt being an excellent tool for patching up trauma and reviving marines. However the medical belt is much more speced into being able to perform more advanced medical procedures. It may looks worse because it has fewer items, however it is never wise to underestimate the humble medical belt.

The first order of business in reviving a dead synth would be to defib it. I know this may seem unwise to do until the synth is stable, but this is the only way to know whether or not the synth is DNR. Once he has been defibed and you know you aren’t wasting materials, you will want to get you hands on a welder. This will allow you to remove blunt damage from each part of the synthetic. Cable Coil acts as a way to remove burn damage from a synthetic. Do this and you will be on the right path to getting the synth stable enough to continue repairs on their self.

The secure armories are opened by the CO or aCO in the event of an emergency red alert. Suppose, say, CLF spies are onboard, command can authorize the opening of the armories and red alert, giving you access to armor and self defense weapons.

Under these circumstances, this is something normally handled by the Admins and Moderators. I will look into it and pass it on to the Admins with whatever information I can gather quickly.

To mutiny against your CO, there are a few things you want to make sure of before you commence your mutiny so that you aren’t met with the fell swoop of the ban hammer.
First off, make sure you have numbers. Atleast 5 should suffice, but more will definitely increase your chances. Two, it is always a wise choice to insure you have a commissioned officer as apart of the mutiny, such as a CE or CMO. Lastly, insure that you ahelp in order to have your mutiny approved by the admins. Good luck!

I saved this for last, as this is the field I am least familar with, with the exception of OT.
Well, this depends on what you mean by recipe. Are you looking at the wiki? Or a synthesis in game. If the wiki does not provide a recipe, this means that it is a core chemical and can be found in a dispenser or tank somewhere onboard. If you are looking at an in game synthesis, there is a good chance you will need another piece of paper that will have the recipe with the chemical needed to make the next chemical. Otherwise, growing things in the botany lab and then synthesizing and examining them could lead to you discovering what you are looking for! Thats the fun of researcher, experimenting and discovering new things!

Hope that was right, I don’t do a lot of researcher and I’ve just been getting into it and experimenting with it however I believe that is the appropriate response.

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Sorry this took me a while to get back to, work got super busy last weekend for me.

  • For this one small and rare thing that MIGHT need to be done is also close the game, and clear the beyond cashe.
  • correct TLDR, use precise ammo on unarmored targets as it does more flesh damage, and armor shredding will hurt armored targets more.
  • Correct.
  • Correct, TLDR green laser is rangefinder, and red is for CAS.
  • Not the answer I was looking for. The lifesaver bag is bigger and hold more medical items, like pill bottles, tarma and burn kits, splints, auto-injectors, etc. but they dont hold things like defibrillator or a roller bed for example. The medical storage rig while holding less supplies in general can hold roller bed and defibrillator, also can carry some ammo, like pistol mags and handfuls of shotgun ammo in it.
  • Not the only way iirc the new hudicons that came in like 5 months or so back should also be another way to see if a synth is DNR but the defib trick is still a surefire way, rest of the answer is right.
  • Not totally wrong, but also not fully right. Once like red alert is active on the ship all the secure armories just dont open on their own, they each have their own lock and unlock buttons right outside of them. Someone needs to come by and push it and open the shutters. Not all roles can open the shutters at anytime, dept heads, XO, CO, SEA are the main roles that can do this.
  • You dont pass it on, TLDR: tell them to make a Ahelp about this and give all the info in the ahelp. Mentors have zero power or authority over server rule and such.
  • Correct, but I would add the bit of them need to make a Ahelp at the start of the response, and for them to have atleast 5 other names of people willing to join you and a good IC reason to give the admins. These listed points are the 2 MINIMUM factors that need to be reached for the admins to approve a mutiny.

Over all while a slight bit lacking here or there, thats not bad. I have have not seen you in game to much so I cant comment on if you have or tended to LRP or things of such nature. At the very least brush up on a few place where you feel weaker. For now I feel you can do well as a mentor and will let others speak up about you. +1 from me.


If @Copper-Wilson vouches for you, I can as well. +1

From this and your other replies its clear you have a well-rounded body of knowledge on CM, and the chops to teach it. +1


+1 If you can deliver on the promise of efficiently teaching newbies I’d appreciate that a lot. Setting a good example for the rest of us would go a long way to making the mentor team as a whole better



Dudes one of the last engineers left. Postive community rep and I enjoy running into him in game

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Had to respond because I appreciate the kind words. I am responding to you but I mean this to everyone who has replied so far, so thank y’all.

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Hey. I’ve witnesses some very concerning behavior from you during almost every round I spectate you in. First off, is the time you beat an MPs head in with a fire axe as the chief engineer. You then proceeded to hit him another time, after the MP was revived.

There was also an incident where you took jones hostage, and ended up burning the CMP to death.

There’s also multiple other minor instances, but they still are concerning out of someone who is applying for mentor.

Can you explain yourself for these situations? If not, this’ll be a hard -1.

I saw the same round today. As a CE you’re an officer, and a First Lieutenant at that, so there is some expectation of behavior. And believe me - I always enjoy some good-natured wacky fun and understand a role like CE can be boring - but anyone at all shouldn’t be doing what I saw last round, namely kidnapping Jones (which is whatever) but then killing a CMP for trying to flashbang you is a wack move. Definitely leaning towards -1, with SEAs already under a microscope lately.

You’re a very fun fella, I enjoy seeing and interacting with you in rounds, but I can’t give this a plus one in good consciousness until you show yourself to be a bit more serious in higher ranking roles or roles with more of an expectations put behind them. Once you do that, I’d more then happily give this a plus one, but for now. -1

Alright, so this message is replying to you, but really directed towards the previous 3 in general, as they all cover the same instances, however I hope to add some preface to this to perhaps show you the REASON these things happened.

So, first off, everyone has pointed out behaviors as CE. What I have to say to this is that, while yes, CE is a 1lt. and an important role in the ship, personally, I believe it is VERY underdeveloped and has very few responsibilities. For example, lets say I join a round as CE. Lets go over what I would do at the beginning of the round.

  1. I go to my office and get my equipment, a service uniform and hazard vest.
  2. I set up the power system and SMES.
  3. I hear over the radio to load OB, and by the time I get there, an SO is already loading it.

This is how CE rounds go. Unfortunately, after that, I have very little to no responsibilities, and essentially become an MT with a fancy hat and a commission. As one of my most played roles, for a while, I essentially just did those three things, and then ran around LOOKING for something to do. Very rarely, I might have to make a new wall for the CL or fix something, but really, that is one every few rounds. What that leaves is rounds where I do absolutely nothing. Now, The incident regarding kidnapping jones, I fully take blame for and agree it was uneccesary. As I stated in the ahelp, my original intention was not to kill him, but only create fire so that he didn’t jump the barrier, however, I clicked the wrong tile and hit him. Another thing stated in the ahelp was that, all of these previous behaviors like killing the MP should be kept to roles like MT. But, in my defense, after playing CE for so long, it starts to FEEL like you are just an MT.

Another thing ya’ll mentioned was a lack of responsibility in higher ranking roles, and that I don’t take it seriously. However, I disagree, and my reasoning is that, I recently obtained the timelock for executive officer and have played multiple rounds now. So far, I believe my record as XO is 6-1 win loss, including achieving the fabled chances claim marine major. I have also played a few rounds of CMO, and did indeed take THAT job seriously, where I had to sub in for research, help the doctors or on one occasion deal with chemical retrieval teams. What I am saying is that, the problem you are identifying is that I lack responsibility in high ranking roles, and my rebuttal is that this is only a problem with CE, which shows that while, yes, I made some poor choices, there is also something else about the role itself that causes this behavior, especially in lowpop.

Lastly, I can say that over the past few weeks, I have done a lot more with new players and MP cadets and teaching them how the game goes and what their responsibilities are. I have spent a lot of time getting to know new people I likely wouldn’t have met if that wasn’t something I was pursing, like Jackson Reyes or even the SEA Kolton Straub. So, while I truly do hope that I get the role so that I can continue teaching new players about the server and how it operates, I still have value for this application in that I have learned a lot of new things about the game, met new people, and generally had better experiences while working towards this goal.

So with that, I hope that I do get the role of mentor, however, if not, I place no hard feelings on anyone who has replied because you have all led me towards new things in the game I traditionally wouldn’t have experienced.

As SEA Kolton Straub, I don’t think you’re quite ready. I suggest you reapply in a month and if you’ve improved, I’ll happily plus one this, you’re a good player so far, but there are things you need to work on. Oorah.

Funny when 169 hours is considered a rather small amount of time for a game, but that’s kind of how Space Station 13 is in general. Upon consideration of your general experience, plus some of the behavior. Feel free to reapply in the future but this is denied.