Milletry Police Investigator role addition

As it says on the lid,

we should add a detective or Milletry police inspector to act as the investigative branch of the MP dept. it would allow for way more roleplay as it gives a dedicated role to investigate the shady dealings of the ship such as research and the CL.

you can launch sting operations get witnesses testimony’s for crimes and collect the evidence.

yes i know MP’s can do these things but i think it would be cool to have a role dedicated towards the more RP side of MP outher than warden who is stuck to the brig with prisoners that normaly do not want to engage in any RP.

(plus i want a cool dective outfit)

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Fun idea but pointless, 99% of all crimes are surface level and no investigation is needed


Look, I like your creativity. I don’t think this is going to pan out. Harry has made it clear no more MP roles. In that, I agree with him. Do not fret, you have a lot of creativity, use it. I expect great things from you.

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I think this would be a useless role honestly and wouldn’t make much sense. The Almayer is a 200 men troop transport in a shitty sector with no need for an investigation role and even if there was a need, the MPs already serve this purpose.

IRL the only ships with ‘investigation’ roles would be flagships like a carrier strike force carrier which could possibly have one or two NCIS civilians.

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