Mortician side role for doctor

I would like to see interaction more with the morgue. Specificly being a mortician who specializes working with the dead and making sure material’s, ammunition’s, contraband, IDs, and anything else under the sun gets sorted and taken to the proper facilities to be distributed. Also a delivery chute like the one thats in the OT’s workshop would be handy in moving said recourses found on dead engineers, enemies, and colonists alike. Having IDs from officers and identifying objects properly processed to gain intel points using forms faxed to appropriate forces. It would give a but more interaction to the cargo techs and CL. Even some opportunities for inter-faction questioning on cause of death.


A very interesting idea. But I don’t think a lot of people would play it aside from events or such. Most marines I see stripe the dead of their armor and such, not usually ammo which could be useful but It would probably have such a miniscule amount that the mortician would be too much of a hassle to play. Unless the intel is satisfactory of course, like maybe people from other factions could give a lot more intel; maybe even some maps/tactical advantages for HvH. Cool idea overall.

My thought is that it would be a selectable option for doctor just like surgeon is for the role. Also ive had rounds where ive found 350+ metal on bodies alone. And an unfortunate marine can have 10-18 full mags on them most of the time since the ones who get permad are the ones who die early normally. Also information processing like the dead to give families solace RP wise seems like it would be a good interaction mechanic for those who have the time

DAMN THAT’S A LOT OF METAL. I stand corrected, this could be pretty cool, would they have intel skill though? Or maybe even research skill?!?!

Great idea! Maybe it should just be an option for all doctors though. Most of the time ship-side doctors sit lobotomized in front of the crew monitor so giving them something to do would be better all-around rather than a specific role.

I like and support this idea.

I do it as a side role for my surgeon, you can even borrow forms from CL and adjust them to submit them yourself. also some engineers need to stop grabbing 2-3 stacks of metal when they dont have a marine escort

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Even better, engineers should stop grabbing two backpacks full of materials from FOB without escort. About that side-role, I like the idea of giving doctors who didn’t get to deploy something to do, especially as it doesn’t conflict with the round-start chemline rush, the active shooter in req or alamo or the pre-hijack casuality treating.

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I use it for an rp standpoint and just have edited forms i make for the shift that the cmo has to sign. Also will work with the CL to report the bursted or non bursted perma colonist bodies ground side. Ive found a stack of metal on survivors plenty of times before

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