Mortuary Team (ERT)

A team that works with handling corpses will come every 1 hour to transport the bodys onto the shuttle from the morgue room. Each body that is transported onto the shuttle and brought back to the ERT station will give 1000 req cash.

The timer will start once marines land groundside

This is to give some space in the morgue as the state of it is always over filled and requires marines to place it in the same morgue. Which doesn’t make sense how it fits in the morgue but thats not the point. Gives more rEaLiSm :nerd_face:

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The question would probaly be why some old backwater patrol ship has a morgue shuttle nearby, but the idea is good, so medical doesn’t have to put the bodies on the floor or something.

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COs should change SOP sometimes and allow medical to store corpses in the kitchen (food has to be cleared out first), just like in real navy submarines.

Excellent question. Does not really make sense for a third rate ship in the backwater of backwaters to get this kind of treatment.

Something along these lines but maybe instead HighComm or some other spooks who would come in and seize bodies. I get we have Chem team but just another ERT to add some variety

Guys if we’re having trouble storing bodies in the morgue, the real solution is double decker morgue slabs.


well… seeing as we’re the backwater ships, we sure do get a lot of dead. Might make sense this is already setup by high command, much cheaper then making sure less marines die.

There really isn’t this type of uh… ‘service’ available in the Alien franchise. If anything, the entirety of the morgue should be done away with and converted into a mass crematorium or, more likely, a (nutrient) recycler.

Corpses aren’t something you typically keep in space due to decay. You either burn them or box them up and ship them to the sun via torpedo tube.

Well, if you think that morgue is getting full, maybe just… use the cremator?
It was there not just for show, you know.