Motion Detector Pings Should Show Up On Tacmap.

Motion detector pings from marine motion detectors should be registered on command tacmaps and fade quickly. I’m not sure how this could be implemented, or if it is even realistic without a major tacmap rework.

This would allow CIC to gain an idea of the number of xenos, and warn marines of high density areas. It would also make it easier for new SOs to gain an understanding of what and how to communicate information to marines by giving them what I believe is an intuitive tool to demonstrate positioning in combat.

Please do not add this holy shit the tac map will be unreadable.


Bro please, no… please :pray:t2:

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How would it be any more unreadable than when tacmap sensors are in use?

SGs on their way to turn off IFF and make the tacmap unreadable:

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Imagine if you put your screen in a fishtank and then turned on the fire sprinkler, that’s how this would look.

He never even described how it would look

And the tacmap can already show xenos anyway, the replies in this thread are completely ???


Its unbalanced, cause then everyone would start wearing MD’s. And command would just start preventing every flank against marines.

Sounds like choke combat coming back, revert the pr that nerfed xeno choke combat when.

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This would be hell.

Honestly the motion detector is in dire need of a refactor. This would be absolute hell to program.


Yeah not surprised at all. Suspected something like this would be the issue.

You don’t play much command I take it.


A reasonable amount. I don’t really see your point?

Tacmap can only show xeno if the tower being fixed, which is a point of contest for both sides. What this post is currently just powercreep in term of strategic planning for 1 side. Also it’s being lazy as command relying on tacmap for information and not on troops communications (rp-wise).

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