Mr Felon - Player Report: Dominic Powers, Rule 11: Marine Law

Mr Felon - Player Report: Dominic Powers, Rule 11: Marine Law

What’s your BYOND key?

Mr Felon

Round ID:


Your character name:

Ela A.W. Longbow

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Dominic Powers

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 11: Marine Law

Description of the incident:

During the briefing, a marine without armor was NJP’ed by the CMP, Dominic Powers, he drop his rifle and starts to do some push-ups, Another marine take the rifle and run, forcing the CMP to arrest him. He used his disabler and failed to hit the marine. I was witness to this and commented about the possibility that the CMP didn’t modify the IFF setting on his disabler. The CMP then proceed to shot and hit me with said disabler, saying that I was being ''disrespectful" while not pressing any charge. I then proceed to press a charge of assault against the CMP and informed the XO on the radio. Since they did not answer me, I choose to send a fax to the provost office instead, adding a charge of NoD and misuse of authority. At the end of the round, I asked if my fax received a reply on the radio, and didn’t get an answer from the MP, so I aHelped and got told to fill a player report instead.



The description of what happened is I think accurate.

Overall, I play a character that I would shorty describe as a dumb retard. Who [if I roll a higher ranking position than a simple grunt] is eager to take any criticism or slight against him over the board.

In this situation I thought it would be funny and interesting to make a big deal out of your characters comment about the situation. So CMP Powers deciding that the PFC is clearly mocking him in front of multiple marines thought it’s best to show Ela A.W Longbow that in fact his tazer had IFF setting off by shooting his tazer once at her.

I did not mean to upset you nor ruin your round by arresting you after it for obvious wrong doing on my characters part. When I play, I love to create IC conflict as I believe it’s one of the more interesting parts of playing marine and a great opportunity for more role play.

In every arrest I make as CMP or MP, I always try to make it as light hearted as I can by either issuing NJPs whenever I can unless the person is refusing to do so multiple times or looking for a way in ML to make the sentence as low as it can be.

I also sometimes make deliberate mistakes if I think the person is cool with the RP or go harsh on people. In here I see I judged the situation wrong and I am sorry for that.

I am a firm believer of roleplay over roleplay, and if sometimes it gets me in trouble so be it.
Again, I am sorry if I upset you.

No logs should be needed here, both sides agree on what happened. Now, this is such a minor issue, that I don’t think a punishment is needed besides the following: @GachiWeeb, just don’t repeat this. That’s all.

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