Mr.Mustafa - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - hunk1

Mr.Mustafa - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - hunk1

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:

2023-05-21 10:30:49

Your character name:

John Johnson

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

i was reported for having a ambiguous name . the 18+ that hunk1 was referring too ,is not of my knowledge.
my name in the game was hivelord BB-XX-C . the name was a gag to bbc news ,also in my native language bbc is the same as bbq. and at the time i was thinking its a cool name.
keep in mind that the name was in place for over a week . and that i didnt have a problem with it in that one week .my knowledge of : ERP , 18+ , any other sort of adult oriented content . is limited.


my ignorance for 18+. also you can make anything ambiguous : too punching people in game . too making a shape of something …ect

thanks for reading.

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Pulling logs for this shortly

Logs of incident

3rd parties

Initial ahelp

Anonymous reporter: There is a hivelord with the tag BBC

Hunk contacts Mr.Mustafa

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): Hey there. Look, i need you to change your alien identification as it’s ambiguous

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: Whats wrong with bb-xx-c

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): As i said, it’s ambiguous and we have a zero tolerance for +18 remarks.

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: i dont use 18+ remarks . if it was its supposed to be bbc not bb-xx-c the other admin sayd i can keep it . soo ill cahange it to some like bb-xx-t or some like that

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): Which admin?

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: idk that was some weeks ago

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): Alright, i will need you to remove it unless you can give me a name of who authorized it. I will be placing a note.

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: why note this . you dont have too ill just cnage the name and its all fine

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): If i PM someone about a issue with rules, i have to place a note. It’s procedure.

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: but every other admin can see that and i have less chance to get whitelisted on hunter or co. makes me sad that i didnt memorise the rules

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): If you desire to contest the note, you have to do a staff report. if a staff member finds the log regarding the authorization to use that identifier, staff will remove the note and you will be cleared.

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: can you let me off the hoot this one time

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): I am being lenient with you. I cannot be anymore Lenient. as i said, if you want your note removed, please fill a staff report.

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: i dont want to report you . you are just doing your job . and im sorry for making it harder

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): You’re not making it harder. is just that because of few breaching the rules, i have to do something. otherwise, people abuse the situation and all staff suffers. I will not be reprimanded by this issue, you can fill a staff report to contest. If a manager finds that your identifier does not breach the rules, they will remove the note and place a note saying that you’re allowed for it.

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: ok where do i staff report . my name was never 18+ and its funny that you find it soo .send me link where i can contest this note.

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): On the forums. I do not find it, another player reported you. Just click on the top right button “Forum”

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: how do i look for it

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): Staff Reports - CM-SS13

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: wheres the report on me .i cant find it

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): You were reported in game by a ticket.

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): I cannot disclose the person who did.

ADMIN: PM: Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C))->Hunk1/: dosnt matter who reported . what matters is that you aggre with him and his report.the fact that i have to fight the report is anoying on its own. had this name for a week and everything was fine .people do find it funny . never knew why tho .ok and just for the sake of it just now i search bbc and i got the news channal and the 18+ that you where talking about. sure if you want to note this i will fight it , just cuz i had no knowlage of this 18+, and you really cant blame someone for not knowing. thanks for reading

ADMIN: PM: Hunk1/->Mr.Mustafa/(Mature Hivelord (BB-24-C)): Alright. Feel free, by all means.

The player is warned and the ticket is then resolved by Hunk

Hunk didn’t really do anything wrong and staff reserve rights to make judgements when it comes to questionable naming. Nicknames, Xeno pre/post-fix, etc…

BBC can mean alot of things besides the obvious british broadcasting corp. or you know big thing…

I’m going to process a note removal sometime this weekend, and authorize the use, however.

I’m giving you a word of caution, if you have the prefix BBC and make sexual innuendo references in chat, the name will be revoked, and you’ll probably get banned for 18+/ERP violation.