MrDerpi - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LynxSolstice

MrDerpi - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - LynxSolstice

What’s your BYOND key:


Round ID:


Your character name:

Larry Stewart

Their BYOND key:


What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

I was the CMO this round as Larry Stewart, I had just finished taking care of the chemline, prepping the Medbay operating rooms/IV drips and prepping the cryotubes’ chem mix. I had nothing else to do no longer and there were no patients that needed to be treated, so to pass time - I pick up a lightsaber in the medbay’s lobby and a folding chair and start running around with it in the vicinity of Medbay, a Bravo ComTech sees this and we participate in a friendly lightsaber chair shield fight, after we were done the Bravo ComTech tended to their duties as the Alamo arrived. Shortly after this, I get an admin PM from LynxSolstice telling me to cease the LRP, although I was confused as to how this would be considered as LRP in my case - I reply with “Aite” thinking it was over. After what felt like 3 minutes though I get a note for Rule 2/LRP.


I am not too sure what to input here since it’s all in logs.

– Administrator private message –
Admin PM from-LynxSolstice: Hey, please cut down on the LRP, thanks.

You have been noted by LynxSolstice.
The note is : Warned for Rule 2. As a Chief Medical Officer, was running around with a folding chair and a toy lightsaber. Player was understanding.
If you believe this was filed in error or misplaced, make a staff report at The CM Forums
You can also click the name of the staff member noting you to PM them.


Officers are held to a higher RP standard than lower enlisted. A CMO should not be running around, having chair and lightsaber fights with fellow Marines. That is the reason you were warned for it.

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The chair was not used for fighting during this, no one was harmed during this.


I have no idea how to do really cool formatting on this like I have done in the past, but I’ll still try to make these log pulls fun for all involved. Will be pulling soon™

I kind of forgot this post existed but:
To add more on why I think this note is unfair, is because I’ve plenty of times seen CMPs have boxing matches with marines, where actual combat and blood is involved. I’ve also seen cases where CMPs would get bullied by Marines and then do nothing about it, and mind you I can confirm they haven’t been noted because a lot of my friends happen to sub-main CMP. You could argue that it’s LRP for them to ignore the Marine’s shenanigans with them, since they’re supposed to enforce the law and be strict as they are Military Police, or when CEs commit DTGP and/or Trespassing, you could also argue that it’s LRP since CEs uphold a higher RP standard due to their command involvement, yet I haven’t heard from a single one of my CE friends about them getting noted for it.

I on the other hand as a role that ranks the same as CE and CMP - got noted for what’s stated as “Running around with a folding chair and a toy lightsaber”. I’d understand the note if let’s say I was beating someone to death unreasonably, but in this case I don’t get it.


MrDerpi - Larry Stewart

The lightsaber fight fails to appear in the attack logs.

All the relevant log entries I could find

[2023-06-22 20:52:05.630] ADMIN: PM: LynxSolstice->MrDerpi: Hey, please cut down on the LRP, thanks.
[2023-06-22 20:52:23.667] ADMIN: PM: MrDerpi->LynxSolstice: Aite
[2023-06-22 20:55:09.126] ADMIN: LynxSolstice has edited mrderpi’s Admin notes: Warned for Rule 2. As a Chief Medical Officer, was running around with a folding chair and toy lightsaber. Player was understanding.
[2023-06-22 20:55:50.074] OOC: (LOCAL) MrDerpi : I just got noted for running around a lightsaber and a chair
[2023-06-22 20:55:51.391] OOC: (LOCAL) MrDerpi : What

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The CMO is the chief medical officer, a respected scientist and head of his department, Having a lightsaber chair fight during a combat operation pretty LRP.


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