My idea is to make a second vendor for medic to buy their consumables

main goal is to avoid medic having to choose between spending point to have a better load-out and having the item to do their role as a medic.

I’d do it if you only double the price of both vendors, but give them the same amount of points. It is quite pointless to give medics too many points for medic stuff, since you can get A LOT of it for free through the weymed.

i think its fine, the important things are expensive enough as is.

Not a horrible idea but I do think it would result in an oversaturation of items a Corpsman can buy, if you did this you’d likely need to increase the price of items to compensate.

You’d also have to expand the corpsman prep area or at least shift the pixels of the vendors around so you can get more people to access the new vendor without them fighting for space as much.

2 vendors on both sides should be enough. Increasing cost I’m against, they should be able to buy marine equipment with separate points along with medical equipment with separate points as well.

this clearly will need balance and a TM to see how it feel…
in any case items cost shouldn’t be above the price that rifleman have to pay…

Points are per-character not per-vendor

whats with spec and there two point amounts for two diffrent vendors?

anyway the idea as been denied.

Previously the spec vendor had all the items buyable in 1 vendor. The issue here is that it became a massive noob trap for any Spec to buy anything that was not more ammo for their Spec gun, considering how expensive spec ammo is, you want more of it at any cost.

So you’d have this vendor with so many unique items, but literally no Spec was buying any of it. So seperating it actually allowed Specs to buy additional equipment they could use.

The thing with Corpsman, is that personally I find you hardly need to buy any medical tools to do your job well, I usually spend most of my points on a set of armour. So this change being done for Corpsman I feel would just make Corpsman have access to a LOT more non-medical tools than they need.

Agreed. It’d pretty much be a repeat of the older days when medics could have up to 30 points in their vendor that they pretty much just lent out to whoever asked. Whilst I do wish those days returned for the simple reason that I want to abuse the heck out of it, I think the way medic vendors are is fine.

Eh, could just give corpsmen access to wey-meds normally. Most times I buy regular supplies from the vendor is because I’m not going to have access to a wey-med until after drop, because it involves getting someone to hack it.

Yeah, there’s literally no point in the medical vendor for medics. It’s obsolete considering you can basically get almost everything on it for free from a WeyMedPlus or elsewhere.
Just rip the bandaid off and remove access restrictions from WeyMedPlus already.

Yeah this I never understood, it’d save so much time and hassle for both medics and doctors if they could just get spare kits etc. from vendors themselves.

Also, why would there be restrictions on something that a medic needs to use? They’re legally allowed to possess and utilize every piece of kit in a wey-med and have the elevated skills / training to do so.

The only thing that has any kind of warning labels are emergency injectors and oxycodone.
I can’t remember if the squad leader has access to the wey-meds at the moment or not, but even they can’t use all the things properly as they fumble with kits and can’t defib. (I think)

The only justification I can have for keeping the med vendors locked is that if Corpsman had free access to them, then there is literally no reason for a Corpsman to spend any of their medic vendor points on any medical items since they can get almost everything there for free from the normal vendors (outside of smart cannisters).

Of course, this is redundant since 90% of the time the vendors are hacked by someone and are made freely available.

You could argue its a mechanic that advantages more experienced players since a new player may not know about it?

Personally, I’d be half tempted to put one of these vendors in each of the Medic Prep rooms (maybe with a smaller amount of items) and just cut out the middle man.

Considering how critical Corpsman are to the success of the operation, and the fact we already can have issues with competent Corpsman or even having Corpsman, I’d rather give them every tool they need in an accessible format from the get-go to reduce their setup time and streamline the experience.

Maybe I’ll put up a PR to do that after the feature freeze ends and see where it stands.

It’s even worse, actually. Because as long as you have 1 brute or burn bandage, you can infinitely restock them at a weymed. So as long as you don’t need pills or medkits for storage, you don’t really need to buy any medical stuff from your vendor.

I’m not sure why you’d spend your points as a corpsman on the basic med stuff anyway, I spend it all on items that you can’t obtain from the vendors. Even if they’re not hacked I can ask a doctor to vend me some stuff.

Also, almost everything in this game is better utilised by those with experience. It’s the nature of a game like SS13, you learn things over time and it certainly shouldn’t hold something like this back.