New carrier strain: controller/relayer

“In exchange for your ability to store eggs and place nodes, you can control facehuggers remotely, the player facehuggers that spawn on you wont be affected by the facehugger hive limit(3 slots limit to your self ) the facehuggers that spawn from you will always have the pheromones from you no matter where you are from, they can still be overridden by stronger pheros, The player facehugger respawn timer will be only be 30s if spawned directly on the carrierr.”

So why would this be beneficial for the game?
This would make it so ghost players have more stuff to do while they wait for any mob offerings
Am already making code for this but i just wanted to make sure of the public opinion.
I always liked playing as a facehugger and a carrier so i thought why not mix em both? we got the normal carrier shooting facehuggers and making traps right, we got the eggsack carrier making eggs then why don’t we have the carrier that controls and is able to spawn player facehuggers that aren’t tied to the facehugger hive limit. I am willing to change anything if you got a valid argument or give it some few tweaks because my ideas are far from perfect and this is my first post.(also by controlling i mean just playing as a facehugger but if the huggy dies you get transfered back to the carrier)

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Overlord would be a cool name for this strain

would the facehuggers count to the hive’s limit even if they don’t go over?

would the carrier be able to control the facehugger remotely like an RC car

will the carrier be able to track their huggers/vice versa? it seems like the huggers would have no particular reason to work alongside the carrier itself, just seems like a free buff for an already existing role with no strings attached.

Will the carrier know if a facehugger when one of their custom huggers is dead or successful, or will it be a generic facehugger message?

So thank you for asking
1: The facehugger wont count to the hives limit even if its under, the carriers limit is 3.
2:Its like mind transfer or xeno viewing but you have full access to their movements and abilites
3:There will be a custom carrier/facehugger chat for them to communicate, if that’s possible to add. And there will be separate phero section for the facehuggers
4:They will have custom messages just to make it easier to now and coordinate

would probably be annoying if you’re having fun playing facehugger and a carrier takes over your fun ghost role, might want to limit that ability to the NPC facehuggers

Having a custom chat is neat but most facehuggers wont need it, they’re either deep in enemy territory where the carrier can’t do anything for them, or they’re on the frontlines and can get a message relayed by asking most of the time. There’s no real reason for the facehugger to work with the carrier since it can do the carrier’s job better and the carrier itself isn’t particularly good at tackling marines compared to a warrior or sentinel.

would the custom messaging be disableable for those who don’t want to see it?