New changes to optics really sucks

My biggest issue is that the UI changes make the optics harder to use

before, the medhud just worked all the time
when I wanted to flip down the welding visor it was 1 button press
(I actually ignore the welding visor most of the time now and use welding goggles for this reason alone)

I could use both at the same time
Now I have to spend an extra 3 seconds toggling through huds to get the welding visor before I can start repairing cades, it used to be 1 button press

the night vision optics require using a screwdriver to take out and recharge, it was already obtuse to recharge but now most marines using it can’t do it even if they want to unless playing engineer

the night vision optics also don’t look cool, and there’s no longer a visual cue to xenos that you’re wearing night vision optics, the NVG’s are purely a cosmetic item now

optics were a neat idea but the way they’re being “improved” from initial implementation is actually making them worse and worse and I no longer want this PR to be merged. What was a cool idea has been run into the ground.


I second this, While Optics do free up the eyewear spot for glasses, it really just makes things less interesting.

No longer you can see a Marine with a attachment of NVGs as a something to notice nor really see if a Marine is able to weld cades or doors. As well the systems for switching through them are…bad, for welding you need to click twice to get your welding optics, as well, the Basic squad optics are rarely ever needed, as you will always should have your radio headset with you.

All in all, I just see this as clutter to what was a already good system, you have special equipment, but hostiles can see it and target you for it.


I agree with the NVG and welding criticisms, but it does feel really nice to leave my sunglasses on with a medhud

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Maybe we could instead add tinted add-on, a hue for what you are using but it’s inbuilt with your eyewear, Like your wearing Shades but they have a greenish hue on the glasses.

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Just carry a screwdriver around, you don’t have to be an engineer to get one

Should honestly just give us the option to expand/collapse a small dial of buttons in the top (button) menu for available HUDs and visors so that we don’t have to rotate and switch through like 3 of them every time. That way, if you have a medhud available, you instantly switch to that, and when not needed, can switch to Squad Hud again. Same with welding visors.


Fantastic idea.


I’ve been informed that not only do you need a screwdriver (which unplugs all the optics, so you get to spill two or three of them on the floor), but you ALSO can only recharge them at rechargers on the almayer.

NVG’s are basically one-use now.

While it is true that this does hamper the effectiveness and useability of NVGs i believe it is worth noting that screwdrivers are mostly trivial to get with plenty of them being in the various toolboxes in prep and in maintenance.
the recharging aspect is more tricky due to the fact that rechargers are not always brought down or accessible on the planet, even tho they’re already vital for items such as the defib

Screwdriver on the second ear slot is the biggest fashion statement.

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even if they changed decap to 95% nothing the devs can do will make me wear a helmet. the optics changes do suck absolute lemons though because i leave some 20pts unspent at my gear vendor.


I think they should keep them and let more have them like in req, while re adding the old NVG and making them more expensive. The NVO are the shitty version of the NVG. The “store brand” version if you will. The mass produced gear that the USMC is buying from a third party that probably makes them in sweat shops in some system not in the eye of any laws. Hell, give them less charge then as well. Meanwhile the NVG are hand made for special ops. They can be used on all headwear with invetroy slots, unlike the NVO, could have a better charge then the NVO and can be easily recharged.
It would keep the kinda cool NVO but let them retain the feeling you get from them. Like opening up a happy meal to find the toy in it you have 10 times already, and not even printed on rigth. Like the eye is kinda on the nose and the orignal eye is skin colored.

Yup, I’ve stopped using NVGs at this point, I can’t fit a med optic and a NVG optic together anymore. Also, charging NVGs is a royal pain now, having to waddle back to the FOB and hope there is a charger there is not fun.


And the person who implemented this new feature has left CM development. I think we should revert at least the NVG optics change until someone has the time/inclination to develop the idea further.

It’s not good to just leave it in a state that I don’t think anyone is really happy or satisfied with.

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You can always just tell someone else you’ve got spare points and ask them if they want anything from your vendor. I used to do that as medic before the blood bags became necessary to bring.

i do try to balance sitting around in prep and offering my points and being active in the conflict - most others seem to be “set” and what they “need” can be gotten from Req. MREs still better than blood bags last i checked - just like iron pills got more or less iced. during low-pop hours hanging around prep to offload my extra points is… well, a waste of choice for those awake. its fantastic during mid-high pop no doubt, except that privates with the fewest skills and item options tend to walk away from prep with a point surplus and unable to utilize some of the option surplus of the higher tier ranks even if they can toss a spare Engineering Kit or bag of pills away.

You can try to just dispense what req usually runs out of (laser desigs, nades, etc.) and just hand it to them in that case.

I would like to put my 5 cents here as the author of the old NVGs. I have two main issues with the current execution:

  1. No visual cue for xenos. While it could be argued that there are many ways for marines to gain night vision without being obvious to xenos (e.g. mesons, being a spotter, etc.), I believe this is a problem and we should not add more ways. Xenos should have counter-plays to NVGs and the old goggles had it. It was rather satisfying to ambush a lone IO and break his NVGs as a lurker.

  2. Night Vision Optics allowing usage of binos is a huge buff and an undeserved one. Not only you get too much awareness (again, uncounterable, because most xenos cannot see more than one screen away), but you also can be a very powerful spotter for CAS without being a scout spec. I’m guessing Morrow just didn’t take this into account because I can’t believe he could intentionally add such an imbalance feature.

And worst of all, since Morrow is gone, I am not sure if anyone is going to fix this.


Don’t be lazy and just ask for a FOB charger. If you can’t even do that, yes, you don’t need them.

Things that take power need to be recharged, who knew.

Things that take power need to be recharged, who knew.

Yes… it’s always been that way. But now the method of recharging is way more time-consuming for reason.