New predator mechanic/idea

A new predator mechanic - If a marine attempts to give a pred a high five, the predator should in turn be able to aim hand and twist their wrist so much that it breaks, making some horrifying sounds.

  • Another idea, predators should be able to scar a xeno with their ceremonial dagger while they are standing still. This will give them a random sprite on their head. This is to increase interaction with xenos if one of them ends up killing a predator alone. (I know this is basically LRP, xenos wouldn’t really let something do this to them)

Take this for a very basic example. (eMiiX sprited it)

could also have tally scars, like a xeno ending up with 3 pred kills is marked by the last hunter with an III on their head, but they actually give the xenomorph an IIII and pull out their sword, seeing if they are worthy of that fourth…

i really like the concept but the only thing that worries me is that the xeno is just gonna attack the predator then allowing the pred to mark them but i really like the idea keep at the ideas!

i reckon the pred should scar upon hitting the xeno with the dagger (unless they already did) so they don’t need to stand still and shit