Newyearnewme - Player Report: Duncan Fisher, Rule 2, following orders

Newyearnewme - Player Report: Duncan Fisher, Rule 2, following orders

What’s your BYOND key?

Time of incident:

Your character name:
Agatha A.W. Knebelspiess

Accused BYOND key:

Accused character name:
Duncan Fisher

What rule(s) were broken?:
Rule 2, following orders

Description of the incident:
I have played 3 rounds with Fisher wherein he goes a limited role such as a comtech or corpsman to do nothing but hunt preds. I wouldn’t mind it if he was a PFC, but he blatantly ignores command orders to get to the front in order to keep killing preds.

The last 2 times he went comtech and did nothing but kill preds he just brought a flame turret, sat on some ass-end of the map and contributed nothing to the fight. He did similar as a medic during a Solaris ridge round which I’ve unfortunately lost the recording of, wherein there were plenty of people who permaed because we didn’t have enough medics. He was too busy hunting in the backlines for preds to kill to actually do his job.

We’d need to get logs for this but there were plenty of orders for everyone from Delta to get to the front on the most recent occurence of this during a Trijent round.

I played Corpsman on a big red pred round last night, I played Combat Technician on a pred round on Kutjevo last night, and I played Combat Technician on a pred round on Kutjevo as of 10 minutes before this report would put up.

Hunting predators in the first place isn’t against the rules, let’s just clear that up right now. Secondly, even if I was exclusively using said roles to fight predators, every single one of these rounds listed have open slots on the manifest, meaning that I am not “taking” a limited role from anyone. Thirdly, I was not hunting preds on these rounds.

The closest you could call “hunting preds” was on the Corpsman round where I followed two marines fighting predators, and then more came after me for the gear. I relocated to the ship to restock my gear and bring the body to research, and ended up fighting another pred there, where I asked for AP ammo to deal with. Around the time I killed them, the round ended before I could move back to the front. In the two engineer rounds, they came after me, they interacted with me, and I killed them.

I use a particular strategy as engineer called a “Killzone”. I don’t want to go deep into it because it relies on the target being oblivious, but it is designed for killing backliners with ease using Combat Technician tools. For both of the engineer rounds that I was accused of “hunting preds”, I sat in the same spots.

For the first one, I killed 2 preds and the round ended before I could relocate closer to the front. For the second round, I hunkered down near LZ2 on Kutjevo, and killed 4 lurkers, a few other xenos, and a predator that I didn’t want to fight due to a broken chest. Logs will even show me trying to dissuade it from fighting me because of my wounds, but since it wasn’t leaving, I told it to fight me in the sentry room, which it did, and I killed it.

Ironically, the round where I’m being called “useless” for not helping the marines and “Hunting Predators” by sitting in the same spot on LZ2 all game, I ended up having the highest kill count in the marine force. I offered to try and bait one into the LZ2 fortifications to kill it after they had attacked and killed several marines to my knowledge.

At the end of the day, this report mainly focuses on the engineer rounds I imagine. Employing alternative strategies to kill backliners is not a rule break, and it’s certainly not “Hunting preds” to sit in the same spot and them come to me.

Preemptively ahelping for “hunting preds” when they attacked me is also ridiculous. Anyways, that’s my side of this.

TLDR; Medic round I followed hunters, Engineer rounds they came after me. Killing preds legal, Alternative engineer strategies legal.


Killing preds isn’t illegal. But purposefully ignoring the front to do your own thing is the main issue, not that you killed preds. People probably permaed because you were pocketing those hunters. Delta as a whole was issued many orders to assist the front on the Kutjevo round where you sat at LZ2 all round.

I am allowed to do things that are not on the frontline.


Re-reading this report, I want to point some things out that I think deserve to be clarified.

You made this report because I was “hunting preds”, despite me sitting in a set position with emplaced turrets, the entire basis of your report was that I am focused on killing predators as non-PFC roles, yet you claim the issue is that I wasn’t front lining as said roles.

  • Higher ranking squad marines (such as the squad-leader, specialist, smart-gunner and RTO) should be following the orders assigned to them by the commander instead of running off to go fight alone. Special circumstances exclude this requirement, but players should be prepared to justify their actions if contacted by staff.

Assuming Engineer was labelled under these rulings, my actions were completely fine regardless of what you think. The backline is crucial to the marines and leaving it undefended means certain death if xenomorphs take advantage of it. Whose job is it to defend things? The Engineers.

The large emphasis on predators tells me there’s more to this than “I’m ruining the round by not helping the front line”. Each of these rounds listed were marine majors for a start, each of these rounds I killed several xenomorphs as engineer using my tactics and healed several people on the medic round you listed, even if it wasn’t on the direct front line.

The issue you have isn’t that I am not contributing to the front (by protecting the back). The issue is that I happened to kill predators before you were able to interact/fight them. Its painfully obvious this is the case. Despite the number of times I have played as this character, using the exact same tricks, the only thing that triggered a reaction from you was when I killed predators who attacked me. My actions off of the frontline had no effect to you personally, not enough for you to make the report. I would even argue with how much you go around the backlines looking for predators yourself, that I actually helped you by killing all of the lurkers. I don’t know why these rounds compelled you to make this report, but it is incredibly petty, seemingly malicious in intent, and completely baseless.

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Based on the listed allegations, I am not gonna pull the logs. Per our rules only specs and above are bound to follow non-suicidal orders. All these roles are free roles, and we don’t punish players over “what ifs” in regards to a medic might have saved someone. We only punish those failing to do their job with malice (intentionally wasting engineering mats, killing marines with drug overdoses on purpose, etc…)

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