Non-Binary Gender option

I have quite a few friends who identify as non-binary.

I have no idea where I would even start with this codewise, so I’m placing this here.

The mere ability to have your default pronouns when examined or such would be great.

It’d also be perfect with Synths, which while they have male or female programming, they are robots, they don’t have a gender.


may i ask how they identify as non binary


I don’t think it’d make sense for a Synthetic to be non-binary since the entire shtick of Synthetics is blending in and passing off as Human.

I’ve also read that gender code (whatever it is call) is really hard to work around in ss13. Good luck either way.


Good idea for colouring up characters. No real downside to this except coding difficulty like steel mentioned. :+1:

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They could/would just use non-binary pronouns. It wouldn’t make them blend in any less.

And yes, the coding seemed an utter nightmare when I tried to look around.

No reason not to include this as a choice, as there’s pretty strong evidence the universe of Aliens is open to these kinds of identities (e.g. theory about Lambert from Alien being trans). That said, it would be wholly inappropriate to force synthetics or anyone else into a non-binary selection.

If all synthetics were a non-binary asexual type identity, they’d all be WJ/Daniel type chassis. The more advanced social models are very much meant to be easy to define and place in an identity box for people, in order to ease confusion and discomfort. As a manufacturer you don’t want people afraid of awkward interactions because you don’t know what flavor of non-binary a particular synthetic might be or what pronoun addresses them. It’s meant to be simple, easy to identify and pass for a “typical” member of whatever community and role they are filling.

tl;dr it would be fine as an option, but like any other part of a synthetic character there should be some kind of RP reason for it, and it should always only be an option.


Oh I never meant to say they should be forced! Shoulda phrased that better!

They have male and female programming, but the physical thing they’re made of is genderless. My lamp doesn’t have a gender.

Each Synth is programmed to be male, female and others.

I’m all for this, and have suggested this before, but we have one snag. From my understanding, nobody wants to touch the nightmare that is the gender code, don’t ask me why, I am not a programmer. If you can do it or convince someone, I say go for it.


Most people on CM already get outraged over someone else having a bright coloured haircut, without a strong goon-tier policing by the admemes I’d imagine the “non-binary” players would be getting bullied into oblivion


I would be generally supportive of this - the main issue comes down to coding it. If free reign was given to pronoun selection I could see this being open to abuse - one option could be to have a hard coded list, allowing for PRs to be made to add more.

I don’t know where the administrators would draw the line for enforcement.

I mostly see this as a way to flavor your character, either for a particular concept or to better identify with the character - self insert.


Oh I don’t believe we should have a free reign for pronoun selection, as it’d be heavily exploitable.

I meant a simple neuter, a they/them option which while not entirely all-encompassing, is better than nothing.

Bullying someone for non-binary would just fall under Rule three, primarily the " * Being Homophobic, Sexist or a general bigot is not ok, and action will be taken to rectify such behaviour." clause.

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We can’t blame the non-binary characters for being bullied and not let them express themselves because of that.


The funny colored haircuts are just kinda dumb and don’t look right on a marine, if somebody’s nonbinary who gives a shit, that’s just a part of their character, not some silly hairstyling choice, and as Bonnie said bigotry isn’t allowed (even IC), rule 3.

So if I call a non-binary in game a he like normal ( since I’m lazy and don’t give a fuck), am I bwoink-able for bigotry then since I misidentified them?


What? No. Where did you get that idea?

You’d only be bwoinkable if you bully them over their identity, or continue to intentionally misgender them.

But I’m not staff, so that second line is a staff thing.

I fully enjoy this idea there is no downsides other than coping

While I cant speak for management personally I don’t think there should be any enforcement issues that would come up because of this. Nothing major at the very least.
If someone is gonna harass you over the funny box you tick in the preferences screen that is still harassment and we have a rule for that. (We also have a rule for bigotry)

Anyways this does give off heavy “When you code it” energy. You’d probably need to either code it yourself or find a contributor/maintainer who can help you with coding it.

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Well yes. This is the ideaguys forum, aka the “WYCI” forum.

huh? what? who said that?