Office to ask for change on vendors(more shipside vendor oriented)

Basically you post your reclamation if you want something to be remove added or modify in vendors…
1-could be organization…
2-could be addition of an item.
3-could be removal of an item.
4-could be change of price.
5-could be typo errors.
6-could be you want the item to drop elsewhere.

feel free to ask for any vendor but i will mainly focus on USCM role related.

if it’s a typo error you can open an issue for it.(if you think i am to slow…)

if it’s a balance change (change of price, adding a new item, removing an item)
don’t forget to justify your post.
because if i don’t get why you want the change and agree with it i am not going to make the PR for it that’s for sure…

MTs/OTs are still stuck with lockers(please don’t delete their OG engie backpacks if you give them vendors though I hate chest rigs)

Maybe a bit of a weird “issue” or “recommendation” on my part, but personally I hate the looks of the comtech helmet and I know a few others who do too. Back then, it wasn’t an issue since you could wear bimexes but now they don’t protect anymore.

Pretty much stopped playing CT because of it, for the reason that only your vendable helmet has the welding visor module, leading me to outsource the welding module to a FTL or SL, who have already spent all their points.

In short, I think welding module visor should be added to the CT vendor as a vendable item for a few points, like 4 points or something? That way instead of being stuck with a very ugly helmet we are able to use regular m10 with welder visor.

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Let medics buy injectors of IA/NW/Iron,etc for 2-3 points

Let engineers buy plasteel in sets of 8, let it stack up to 56, make plasteel 20 percent cheaper to adjust, currently if you buy a set of 10 plasteel you can’t use 2 units of it. Make metal cheaper on low pop too, since it takes a long time to scrap a full stack of it and req can’t always be relied on (love muh req players, but you aren’t omnipresent every round)

You can use a screwdriver to remove an optic from a helmet. This should include the welding visor.

It doesnt work on the corpman or welder helmets, if the modules are pre-installed. It sucks and you just end up being stuck with a goofy looking helmet.


Unlocked Camera Console boards for the board vendor lower engie would be nice

Sandbags cost 5 points rather than 10 in marine technician vendor, or change it so metal costs 10 and sandbags cost 5 points.

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just camera console board?

I mean actual boards for vendors OR a board for a general vendor(iirc LV has one in south nexus but doesn’t currently work afaik) would be cool. Other than the cam console nothing comes to mind that I can actually build- technically cryo cells maybe? On that note buildable/repairable Powerloaders would be nice and if ever implemented I reckon they’d need a board.

Also currently the default circuit board has no functionality and though it’s rare it’d be neat if it could be turned into other boards.

I’d like to request the addition of a vendor for the CL, located in his bedroom where the closet currently is (next to his bed). Reasoning is that it is both overflowing with clothes and would allow us to add more interesting items in the future. You would just need to add all the clothes/items currently in the closet to be available for his/her vending.

Please do not put a limit on how many unique items can be vended per round (we sometimes hand out spare uniforms to others). I hope that makes sense.


tell me if their is other boards that should be added to this vendor.

Here is an easy one. The Staff Officer vendor in CIC lets you take out engineering equipment but no option to take or buy welding goggles. The engineering kit should come with goggles in the first place.

Simply add purchasable welding goggles for 5-10 points. They should be in there anyways as there is a medhud available but no goggles.

More of fixing an oversight than anything else.