On Ovi Queen Abilities

Heya, I’m looking for abilities or concepts that would make queen on ovi more interesting and impactful. Hit me with your wildest ideas. :grin:


While on ovi, pheromones are given to everyone regardless of distance from queen/leaders? Would certainly up the impact

“Weed Surge” - really, REALLY quickly expands weeds towards an unweeded (big?)area. maybe make it so it expands from weeds nearby.
“Reinforce Weeds” - makes regular weeds into hive weeds in a (very?)big area, for like 5-7 minutes, maybe? it’s cool because queen can easily build thick resin without having to rely on clusters or hivelords.
“Battle Roar” - gives xenos a buff if they’re nearby queen’s eye. something like armor, speed, damage.
“Wall Projection” - makes 2x2, 2x3, 3x3 walls instantly. would be cool if the wall type will depend of what weed type(regular/hive) it will be used.

also here’s a cool concept - queen will have her strong “support” abilities locked(like “Reinforce Weeds”) from the start, but the longer she stays on ovi, the better abilities she unlocks. getting off ovi- will, obviously, reset everything, and once she goes back on ovi - she’ll have to wait for them to unlock again.
i think it’s cool because it’s gonna divide battle queen from support queen, since right now the only penalty she gets from switching ovi- states is a short ovi cooldown


While I understand the purpose of it, one thing I want to hit you with is that being able to remote build on top of marines is the most obnoxious and unenjoyable mechanic imaginable. Is it within the scope of this idea to add a check for there being a marine adjacent to the tile where the queen is trying to build?

“There’s too much activity on the weeds here to raise a wall.”

Onto the ideas for ovi-queen to discourage battle-queen due to the massive advantage of the queen’s protagonist-tier combat kit… I think @Piterskiy is onto something with the strengthening of abilities over time for remaining on ovi, combining with what @LynxSolstice suggested of pheromones, but not to the degree Lynx initially suggested.

I’d say every 10-15 minutes on ovi, improve the pheromones that all xenos get, starting with none, to very weak, and ending at weak universal pheromones? I’m not exactly sure on this one, though. It’d take some ingame testing to truly balance out and see if it can be made good enough to discourage a queen from going combat mode after she has max T3s.


AI Hugger Swarm

-Queen must be on ovi
-Egg morpher and Core must be up and near each other
-Ability has a hard cooldown like 10 or 15 mins
-Uses all of queens Plasma on ability use
-Egg Morpher on Core weeds must be fed 5 or 10 bodies (when queen activates Summon ability a warmup time of 30 seconds to 1 min? Starts which then a drone or xeno starts stuffing bodies into the morpher, if the required amount of bodies are in when the warmup ends, AI HUGER WAVE COMMENCE)

Summons 30? 50? Maybe idk even 100? Ai Hugges to charge after closest Marines or to charge marines at a set HiveMind Mark that Queen makes,AI Huggers can jump from 2 tiles away and infect on a successful pounce

This will be absolutely terrifying for marines if caught off guard or adrenaline inducing as you and your battle buddy stand back to back with HPRs unloading as the swarm sourrounds and zeros in.

(If this isnt implemented Morrow ill make another meme of you :triumph:)


Honestly some of the techweb ideas could come back in limited much nerfed forms. The codes already there

Fortifying weeds - Can only be activated on ovi and probably has a long ass cooldown or only works on xenos in a specific area like a heal, would probably be the weaker versions

Movable walls - Needed for a push or to resecure/rewall an area under heavy fire + tetris again where only queen can build it but xenos can push it forward as neccessary.

Blockade - Long ass cooldown as well

Acidic blood evolution - While on ovi, all xenos do a bit more acid blood damage. Definitely not techweb level at 300% but maybe 50% more damage or something

Artillery Blob - Same shit, long ass cooldown

Tcomms Disruption - Long ass cooldown

Newer ideas

Build Multiplier - While on ovi, every builder caste in the hive can build faster

Nesting Multiplier - While on ovi, nested hosts will progress larva faster

Shit weeds anywhere - Long cooldown but doesn’t need weeds nearby to spawn a weed node on top of the observed xenos. Could be good for setting up other fronts for backline and stuff if they dont have a drone.

Pure darkness - Kills all light sources in an area and can’t be turned back on for a while

Queen eye foresight - Increase evasion for xenos in the area around the observed xenos or queen eye

Pheromone mix - While on ovi, each pheromone does one additional thing. Applies to all pheromone emitters.
Frenzy - Increase pulling speed dependent on pheromone level
Warding - Increase armor dependent on pheromone level
Recovery - Reduce crowd control effects dependent on pheromone level

Psychic Fear -Add a fear mechanic when queen is on ovi and observing marines. Marines that are observed will feel shivers and sometimes freeze up while she can see them with queen eye.


she make the egg on ovi

tbh i personally already see the queen on ovi as a sort of RTS, especially with her all seeing eye, so i think any RTS like abilities would definitely fit in


empowering- queen can already give plasma and health, so why not combine those abilities into a multi usage “empower” ability that basically makes a xeno of her choosing super stronk with increased health, extra plasma or maybe some shield? if you really wanted to get in depth with this you could add unique details that are unlocked depending on the chosen xeno’s caste, ex. rav can dismember w lunge, boilers can see farther and shoot faster, etc

mark tall - if the queen sees a marine she really really hates (as in their kicking xeno ass) she can mark them, their highlighted maybe red or white, and all slashes on them causes slow down, good for identifying targets without the queen having to specifically speak

psychic roar - a nerfed screech, locks marines in position for 1 - 3 seconds in a radius around her queen eye, not too crazy but let’s the queen have a battlefield presence while still on ovi

just ideas, cooldowns are negotiable depending on how significant the abilities are


New idea - Seeing how the recent changes to the Boiler, specifically the yellowish gas causes Marines to be tripping on drugs, seeing shit and etc. Why not implement a similar feature since the Queen has psychic abilities? 3x3, makes a quick warning flash like an acid pillar being made, causes visual attacks, possibly hearing noises like a lurker pounce. Audio and visual impairments to mess up a marine gamer’s focus. This has to be done on weeds though (obviously).


I really like the concept of the queen slowly getting stronger the longer she’s on ovi. Kind of like the old aging system, but grant abilities, like off-ovi queen.

Maybe the ability to add a temporary roof level, like old cluster, to protect a location from fire support?

Arty blob that puts out fires and reduces xeno damage taken while inside it?

Maybe either a revive or a temporarily drastically increased crit health to save an idiot t3?

Marking a marine for death is also a great idea, even if it was only for a limited time. The marine could even get a message letting them know, “You can feel the weight of the Hive’s hatred” or something, so they can continue to push and be useful (putting themselves at risk) or pull back and keep themselves safe (reducing pressure on xenos)

I would generally focus on defensive stuff, though, since combat queen handles the offense side. (I also think combat queen could use some love so it’s not just a screech and neuro machine)


Remove queens fire proof ability while ovi’d. Probably will never come handy, but nice callback to the movies.

Prehensile tail. Queen can jab, stab, nearby people with her tail.

Bursts reward 2 larva while she’s on ovi, 1 if she’s not.

Praetorian guard. If she’s ovid she can choose one praetorian to have a smaller range screech.


…you know, I actually like the idea of 2 larva per burst while on ovi, and 1 while not. More reinforces that the queen should only really be off ovi when doing something critical (protecting the hive, spearheading a tough push). I know people will whine and say ‘but they don’t get evo!’, but honestly, if you have half-decent T2s and T3s, you don’t care about evo. Your T2s and T3s aren’t really dying.


+1 great fucking idea, infact, this would make ovi queen far more incentivised, even in the current meta of combat queening. @Huebone (reposted because I forgot to click reply)


Totally balanced ideas:

  • Instead of queen resin walls being strong walls after 12:35 with increased c/d the C/D is the same but it is normal walls. The reason is that both placing and fighting against it is cancer currently. Normal walls would balance this.

Resin Trap: A resin similar to the spikes. Instead of doing damage, it roots the victim for 1-2 seconds. Situational, yes but with how movement is important, it can be powerful if used correctly.

Acid Basin:
Special XSS structure that uses acid pool sprites. Marines who step in it get acid damaged and xenos can dip their claws in to gain a temporary acid DOT. If they are on fire, they instead use the acid to extinguish themselves quickly. Has 5 uses and destroys itself after a few minutes. Limited to 2-3 at a time.

Pylon return:
Hive pylons buildable only on hive resin (does not emit it’s own hive resin so it needs a cluster). Limited to 2-3 at a time. XSS originally gave a ton of these which were just spammed everywhere. Rarer so its actually used in crucial points for xenos

Swarm hole:
Small structure that allows queen to spawn a “Swarm Drone” that she can control herself at any time (30 seconds respawn) Limited to 2.

The swarm drone is basically a normal drone without build skills, lower HP, lower disarm and regen. It’s meant for queen leading “on the ground” with a UAV essentially and for harassment should need be.

Marking a marine for death is a cool idea but I think it would end up just being used to metatarget on robustos

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Don’t think these will make queen ovi more engaging, but they will definitely make it slightly more tolerable, as presently it is kind of unbearable:

-Let xenos build walls on top of resin nodes again. I don’t know who or why made it so building on nodes now deletes nearby weeds, but it’s already painful to build without having to replace nodes. Either that or significantly reduce the cooldown for queen placing nodes.
-Remove the distance-based building cooldown. It’s pain, especially during lowpoop or when the hive is lacking builders roundstart.
If anything I’ve always thought queen building could use a buff. If you want to incentivize it, maybe let queen retain boosted building, or at least let them keep being able to place strong resin walls/doors. (If there are balance concerns maybe find a way to balance it based on how many members/builders the hive has in a given round idk)
Presently after enhanced building is disabled there’s not much point to wasting plasma building at all as queen, better spent on healing.
If you want to make a start to incentivizing queen staying on ovi, I’ll just say nerfing things isn’t the way to go/do it.

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Resin Xenomorphs.

The queen can control a resin version of any t1.
The Resign version will be severely weakened and is meant to be cannonfodder for the queen to use while on ovi.
It will cost 900 Plasma to deploy one and they cannot passively heal but instead exist to let the queen attack marines from ovi from any spot that has a resin spot or to allow the queen to assist in capturing marines. However it cannot ‘devour’ marines.
The Resin Xeno MUST Be on resin or it will passively begin to die.
The queen can spend another 400 plasma to heal the resin xeno that they are operating. They must be on weeds and not have been combat in the past 30 seconds to be able to conduct that

Resin Runner
-Reduced Health
-Increased speed on weeds

-Resin Defender
-Increased Health on weeds
-Reduced speed

-Resin Sentinel
-Increased neuro effect on weeds
-Increased Cooldown for abilities

-Resin Drone
-Can make a mix of a Normal/Thick wall
-Increased Plasma usage for the queen

The main idea

The Resin xeno will exist as a way for ovi queen to be able to do what the majority of xenos do. Fight and capture. The issue isn’t that we need more abilities for queen its that for over 60% of the round you are AFK sitting and after enough times it gets boring and you would prefer to get on the battlefield yourself as well. Compared to sitting on ovi. Fighting is more interesting and worth your time.
Adding a subsitute for the queen to be able to conduct combat without the risk of them dying themselves will encourage ovi gameplay as now they are no longer forced to sit and watch the battle from afar. But instead respond to it themselves.


Xeno resin flash. By placing her unga bunga juice (plasma). She can activate a flash that has a countdown of 5 seconds till it activates and flashes marines ( DOES NOT STUN ).

Would be cool if queen eye could radiate psychic radiance/whisper.
Maybe have a small chance to cause some kind of hallucination or something like boiler gas? But idk if that would be balanced.

Having psychic radiance would at least be fun; I try to use it in battle, but it’s difficult sometimes when you’re getting shot at.
Would be cool to give psychic radiance some flavor text too, big bold letters, something akin to predator speech, make an adminping sound when queen radiates in your mind to truly make a player jump :tro:; idk just dramatize an alien queen psychically reaching into your mind. Maybe make a marine’s vision blur or shake or go colorful for half a second, like what happens when you’re on mindbreaker. Idk just spitballing.
Would give queen something fun and relatively harmless to do on ovi to keep entertained.

Queen should be able to heal-style AOE cause minor hallucinations in marines ala psychic assault.

Would be a minor way to cause some confusion among the marines without being super fucking annoying and broken. Things like phantom xenomorph attacks (That don’t trigger motion detectors so people can notice stuff is amiss) or sound effects and the like.

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Using like 200 plama grow a masive resin spike that dies damage?